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  1. Hi, I finally finished my first modul on 1.6 and it worked well, but I have a problem when I tried it on 1.7 version. I used a hook ('DisplayCustomerAccount') to add a button in the my account space of the front office, but when I clicked on my button it tell me that there no page found (error 404). I tried to copy the other button code but it didn't work, so for example the order slip button call : href="{$urls.pages.order_slip} and in SEO the link is order-slip. So he changed " - " to " _ ". My module use module-eccustomerfiles-documents so I write : href="{$urls.pages.ec-customerfiles-documents But it still failed. Someone can help me please ? PS : On 1.6 the hook used "getPageLink" and when I use it for the 1.7 I got an error 500.
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