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  1. sorry for the late reply, didn't notice somebody replied. How can i open "the console"?
  2. Hi guys, I'm receiving a lot of purchases on my site, but i can't see the orders onmy website. As you can see, there is more than 1 page, but i can't acces them and i would really need it. I can't update the statuses and others so... Can someone help me urgently? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys, I have a small issue with the color of my tabs. If you go to: www.maxifun.com you'll see the tabs that are "active" are in white on white. Which isn't readable. I've been able to solve the problem yesterday by going to the V85_37....file and change the color and background-color, but it only solved the issue for 1 day as it's a temp file in the cache. I haven't found the place who's generating those cache files... to change the color permanently. Can someone helpe me with this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi there, well like you'll be able to read about my problem, apparently the 1-click doesn't work. So no need to worry as it's useless for the moment
  5. Edit: Nevermind nothing works... the first screenshot is what i get now when i click on Modules, the second one is what i get when i try in Mozilla to go back to autoupgrade .. :'( Why is everything so complicated... i just wanted to upgrade my prestashop with "1-click"...
  6. in the file Modules i have a Autoupgrade file and a Autoupgrade.php which do i have to rename? and to what?
  7. Hi, I've downloaded the 3.0.0 version and uploaded it but everything crashed down... I can't even go to the modules page anymore. When i click on modules i get this (see screenshot)
  8. I've downloaded the latest there was on Build.Prestashop.com The one i have in my modules is V1.6.7
  9. Hi i have kinda the same problem. I have the version for the moment, but when i run the 1-click upgrade, it tells me the latest version is the one i'm using. It doesn't find the 1.7 version. Can someone help? I really need to upgrade it so that my site works again. Thanks in advance.
  10. At the top i see: number of items per line for mobile= 2 for table = 3 and for the rest = 4 .. so i don't really understand why it doesn't work and why it switches from the first line having 4 and the other line different numbers
  11. I haven't done anything to the code that i know of :s i have changed things, but i don't know which anymore because the images were all blurry.. but the problem with the allignment was already there in the past. And no i get that ... i don't ask for unpaid job.. but i have absolutly no clue and no formation in this... so i can't really think or do what's asked :s
  12. Hi, Nevermind about that. I saw that the problem always occured when the boxes weren't the same size. But now i see that the problem is still there even when the boxes are the same seize, so never mind Here is the file you guys were talking about: What do i have to do with it? product-list.txt
  13. Well i have no idea how this works. Can you tell me exactly which file that is? And what do i have to change about it? THanks in advance.
  14. for the moment i still didn't get any answer from the supplier of the theme. Musicmaster, i don't think it's defined how much products can be displayed, because if the products all have the same height, they're all nicely alligned.
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