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  1. I'm using $product.price directly in product-list.tpl. This yields "7.05" (for instance). The formatted price would be "7,05 €" This same code is used to display best-sales, but the $product.price value is "7,05 €" instead of the expected (and correct) "7.05". My question is where, how, why is this value changed? I've solved this by the way. {if !strpos($product.price, "€")} {$product.price} {else} {assign var='tmp' str_replace("€", "", $product.price)} {assign var='tmp' str_replace(",", ".", $tmp)} {$tmp} {/if}
  2. I get an error message when searching the store with a keyword. The error is "Please enter a search keyword" which is strange as the keyword is provided. {if !$nbProducts} <p class="alert alert-warning"> {if isset($search_query) && $search_query} {l s='No results were found for your search'} "{if isset($search_query)}{$search_query|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{/if}" {elseif isset($search_tag) && $search_tag} {l s='No results were found for your search'} "{$search_tag|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" {else} {l s='Please enter a search keyword'} {/if} </p> For some reason, quite unexpectedly, search_query seems to be empty. For instance: http://carnes-online.com/buscar?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=pollo&submit_search= Prestashop version
  3. Cuando falla la búsqueda (que es un bug que estoy sufriendo), veo el siguiente error: "Por favor escriba una palabra contraseña para la búsqueda" Este error no tiene ningún sentido y corresponde con el siguiente error en Inglés (themes/../search.tpl): "Please enter a search keyword" En mi instancia, lo he modificado a "Por favor escriba un término para la búsqueda" pero no sé si es del todo correcto. No soy Español. http://carnes-online.com/
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