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  1. Hi all, I have tried to find out what the following means to no avail. I need to create a new Status under the "Orders" tab >> "Statuses" subtab. I am confused as to what the check box "Consider the associated order as validated" means. I do understand what the other 3 check boxes imply, just not this particular check box. Please see screen capture for more detail. Any clarification would be of great help. Thanks in advance. Regards, Lisa P.S. I am using PShop v.1.3.2
  2. Search box is missing for some reason. Hopefully this is resolved soon because it is so difficult to find specific topics of interest. I am currently using this link to do a search until the search box is reinstated: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/search/ Regards, Lisa
  3. Hi Tomer, I purchased the module because I was tired of doing database exports through my site's phpMyAdmin and after reading the module's description I realized the module could do everything I needed and exports that I may not need at the moment but in the future. After purchasing, uploading, installing and configuring, the module worked immediately. All of Presto-Changeo modules have been great purchases for me because they function as described, the developer Tomer patiently and immediately deals with any potential issues that may arise and they are cost effective. I sound like an advertisement but I can only say I use 6 of the Presto-Changeo modules and each of them make my work load that much easier. Thanks Tomer for the great module and customer service! Kind regards, Lisa :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I use PrestaShop v.1.3.2 Presto-Chageo Modules I use: 1. Database Export v1.1.3 Create customized exports of your data. 2. Duplicate URL Redirect v1.2.9 Redirect all Duplicate URLs (using SEO friendly 301 redirect) to the current default URL. 3. Location & Currency Detection v1.5.1 Uses the user's IP Address to detect their location (from a local database), and redirect to their language and currencey. 4. Order IP Log v1.1.1 Save the IP address that was used for each order 5. Prestashop Backup v1.0.2 Create automatic backups of your prestashop files and database 6. Attribute Order v1.4.2 Arrange the display order of attribute groups and items, and copy attributes between products.
  4. Hi there Timpet, see post #94 for a summary. The module works for PShop 1.3.2 up to 1.4.1. Kind regards, Lisa
  5. Hey there... you are welcome to copy the "look and feel" of my administration panel. Send me a private mail and I can provide a folder with the images used for all the icons on the backend and also provide the 2 CSS files that I revised. Thanks, Lisa
  6. Hi Sawe... The admin "theme" is actually no theme at all. I just exchanged all the icons with my own. The icons are found on your server under the: "img" folder --> "admin" folder & the "img" folder --> "t" folder I also changed the CSS style sheets found in the folder "css" --> "admin.css" and the "tabpane.css" You can even change your "log in" panel jpg to your own look and feel by exchanging the jpg titled "login-bg.jpg" found under the "img" folder --> "admin" folder. Just be sure to use the same dimensions. The "email address" / "password" & "Connection" button are automatically generated and you do not need to do anything for these. See attached screen capture to see what I mean. Hope that helps. Regards, Lisa
  7. Sorry that I cannot help you. I have not used the plugin at all. Good luck. Lisa
  8. Hi Botmez, to actually install the module that Jeckyl fixed, you add it to your server under in the PrestaShop "modules" folder. On your PrestaShop back office you need to "install" and then "configure" it with your MailChimp "API key". That is how you install it. To make it work you should first read a bit about the "E-Commerce 360" here (MailChimp Blog): http://blog.mailchimp.com/ecommerce-tracking-plugin/ As the module states.... Tracking Your MailChimp Email Campaigns ROI To enable order tracking, please: 1. Go to your MailChimp account 2. Install the E-commerce 360 addon 3. Send a campaign with links to your site. 4. Sit back and watch the orders pour in... Hope that helps a bit. lisa
  9. Hi Marcus, as it stands it ONLY calculates how much you bought the products for and therefore the VALUE of your stock on hand. If you bought 20 Widgets A at wholesale price of 1.00 each then you have 20.00 euro / dollars / (whatever currency your shop works in) worth of Widget A on hand. Maybe this free module listed below (Inventory Management) would be of more value for you or use them both (as I do) to help you see more information. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/22539/P90/third_party_modules/inventory_management I posted info about it on the above thread specifically on Post #94/#96/#102/ As I state on that thread I will be having my programmer improve the module. Although I did not write this on the thread about the Admin Inventory module I am hoping to have him add the following functionality to that module (see screen captures attached of changes I would like): To do the following: 1. $ sign not be displayed but Stores preferred currency - (for me this would be the euro symbol €) 2. If possible to pull the price of the attribute (Sell price) that would be great but maybe rather complicated since attributes and their display in PShop is always complicated. 3. Possibility to have a "Sort" for the columns like found on one's back office with arrows (See first attachment) 4. Pagination & Filtering 5. Could add a total at bottom, for Cost Price, Base Price and Sell Price 6. Some kind of Printing capabilites (print the page that is displayed OR print from page # - to page #) 7. date to date would be great 8. Repair CSV export... Currently the generated CSV diplays the price nunbers very strangely in that it converts them into dates like yearmonthday. Not all prices but most. And I can only open the CSV file in Open Office and not Excel ... it calls an error saying Excel cannot open a "SKYL" file. So that will have to repaired as well. Hope that helps. Kind regards, Lisa
  10. Hi All, Jeckyl from PrestaToolBox has updated and debugged the free module that MailChimp refers to in this forum post. Jeckyl states that his updated module is compatible with PShop v.1.3.x. See forum post here to read about it and also find the link to download the updated module. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/89433/third_party_modules/module_mailchimp_ecommerce_360_corrected/ Information regarding the MailChimp Ecommerce 360° Tracking Plugin can be found here: http://blog.mailchimp.com/ecommerce-tracking-plugin/ Kind regards, Lisa
  11. I contacted the developer, Radu, of the "Email Logs for PrestaShop" and he updated the module to work for 1.3.2. Very fast and very friendly guy. The module works great. Every email that is generated by my shop is stored as a copy in a db table called "ps_emaillog" and is displayed under the BO "Stats" tab > Email Logs. NOTE: I changed under which Tab it would display by simply going to "Tools>Tabs>Email Logs" and choosing the Parent Category to display not under the "Stats" tab but under the "Orders" tab (I thought it was a better placement for it). If I decide I want to delete the email message, simple click on the "x" icon and it is deleted from the database. So no problem with building up some massive table in your database. Also if you do not want to pay for a module but rather be blind copied on the emails your shop generates and sends, then check out this blog: http://alvinjiang.blogspot.com/2010/04/prestashop-bcc-all-email-to-shop-owner.html for instructions. Easy modification to your Mail/classes.php file. I have both set up and both work perfect. Thanks, Lisa
  12. Hey there Kelvin, to be honest I cannot say. Best bet is to do either of the following: First Option: 1. Download a copy of your original files from PShop 1.4 (the admin/pdf.php, admin/tabs/AdminInvoices.php & classes/Order.php) save them on your hard drive. 2. Then duplicate them and save them into a new folder and use these to add the changes I mentioned above. I use BBEdit or Kdiff to compare 2 documents. Note: The AdminInvoices.php has quite a few changes throughout the document. 3. Load your modified documents back to your server rewriting your originals. 4. Then add the file "ajaxSubmitPrintInvoices.php" to your shop's root folder 5. Then add the image "img/admin/loading_animation.gif" to your img/admin folder. (the other 2 images are already installed on PShop 1.4) 6. Then go to BO > Orders > Invoices and see if it has worked. Second Option: 1. Hire my programmer. Since he has already done this for me (took him less than a day's work) he could easily make it work for you and your install of PShop 1.4. If you are interested in the 2nd option send me a PM and I will provide the details. By the way Kelvin... regarding our discussion about the "Inventory Management" Tab found here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/22539/P90/third_party_modules/inventory_management/ next week my programmer is going to modify it for me to fit my needs and requests but once again for PShop v.1.3. Maybe you and I can brainstorm about the mods needed and get a deal to have him customise it for both 1.3.2 and 1.4. Kind regards, Lisa
  13. Hi all, I have gained so much from the forums in regards to tips, advice, free modules, modifications, etc... I would like to give something back to the community. I asked my programmer to try and make the files from Post #3 that Rocky kindly provided and come installed with PShop v.1.4 to work on PShop v.1.3.2. He has succeeded and it is really quite nice to use. He even combined the calendar with the "Status" so that you can select a date range for the Status you wish to print instead of printing all of each Status. As always, be sure to save your original files (3 of them) before making any modifications so you can revert back if the following does not work for you and your shop setup. Here are the things you will need to adjust to make this work. Overall you will need to: MODIFY: admin/pdf.php classes/Order.php admin/tabs/AdminInvoices.php (File provided here as attachment, since too many changes to be able to show you in this forum) ADD: ajaxSubmitPrintInvoices.php (File provided here in zip. Add file to your root.) img/admin/loading_animation.gif (Images provided here in zip) img/admin/charged_ko.gif img/admin/charged_ok.gif :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: MODIFICATIONS admin/pdf.php REPLACE the following code at Line 51 of admin/pdf.php file { $invoices = Order::getOrdersIdInvoiceByDate($_GET['date_from'], $_GET['date_to'], NULL, 'invoice'); if (is_array($invoices)) PDF::multipleInvoices($invoices); } With this: { //$orders = Order::getOrdersIdInvoiceByDate($_GET['date_from'], $_GET['date_to'], NULL, 'invoice'); $orders = Order::getOrdersIdInvoiceByDateState($_GET['date_from'], $_GET['date_to'], $_GET['states'], 'invoice'); if (!is_array($orders)) die (Tools::displayError('No invoices found')); PDF::multipleInvoices($orders); } elseif (isset($_GET['invoices2'])) { $allOrders = array(); foreach (explode('-', Tools::getValue('id_order_state')) as $id_order_state) if (is_array($orders = Order::getOrderIdsByStatus((int)$id_order_state))) $allOrders = array_merge($allOrders, $orders); PDF::multipleInvoices($allOrders); } :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: classes/Order.php Then find this section of code (starting at line 584) of classes/Order.php { $result = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS(' SELECT `id_order` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'orders` WHERE DATE_ADD(invoice_date, INTERVAL -1 DAY) <= \''.pSQL($date_to).'\' AND invoice_date >= \''.pSQL($date_from).'\'' .($type ? ' AND '.pSQL(strval($type)).'_number != 0' : '') .($id_customer ? ' AND id_customer = '.intval($id_customer) : ''). ' ORDER BY invoice_date ASC'); $orders = array(); foreach ($result AS $order) $orders[] = intval($order['id_order']); return $orders; } And ADD this right underneath starting at line 598 of classes/Order.php static public function getOrdersIdInvoiceByDateState($date_from, $date_to, $states, $type = NULL) { $sql = ' SELECT o.id_order, ( SELECT oh.id_order_state FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_history oh WHERE oh.id_order = o.id_order '.$where.' ORDER BY oh.date_add DESC, oh.id_order_history DESC LIMIT 1 ) id_order_state FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'orders` o WHERE DATE_ADD(invoice_date, INTERVAL -1 DAY) <= \''.pSQL($date_to).'\' AND invoice_date >= \''.pSQL($date_from).'\'' .($type ? ' AND '.pSQL(strval($type)).'_number != 0' : '') .($id_customer ? ' AND id_customer = '.intval($id_customer) : ''). ' ORDER BY invoice_date ASC'; //die($sql); $result = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($sql); $orders = array(); $state_array = explode(',', $states); foreach ($result AS $order) if(in_array($order['id_order_state'], $state_array)) $orders[] = intval($order['id_order']); return $orders; } static public function getOrderIdsByStatus($id_order_state) { $result = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->ExecuteS(' SELECT id_order FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'orders o WHERE '.(int)$id_order_state.' = ( SELECT id_order_state FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'order_history oh WHERE oh.id_order = o .id_order ORDER BY date_add DESC, id_order_history DESC LIMIT 1 ) ORDER BY invoice_date ASC'); $orders = array(); foreach ($result AS $order) $orders[] = (int)($order['id_order']); return $orders; } ::::::::::::::::::::::: The 3rd modification is needed for file "admin/tabs/AdminInvoices.php" Replace your "AdminInvoices.php" with the one found in the attached zip file. As stated above too many modifications to be shown on this forum post, so easier to replace your original file with the attached one. That is all for modifications. ::::::::::::::::::::::: ADDITIONS Add the file ajaxSubmitPrintInvoices.php (File provided in zip to your shop's root) Add the images (Images provided in zip) img/admin/loading_animation.gif img/admin/charged_ko.gif img/admin/charged_ok.gif ::::::::::::::::::::::: You can see if the above works for you by going to your back office > Orders > Invoices See screen capture for display. Hope this works out for you. If you have any questions about installation please feel free to ask. Regarding modifications to code or bugs, I cannot help you since my programmer was hired to do this and debugging for another's setup is not included. Kind regards, Lisa PerStatusInvoices_Files.zip
  14. Thanks shopix for your reply. I had contacted Silbersaiten after posting my request and they confirmed this also... "Yes, the module recalculates the inventory when the stock management option is turned on in your PrestaShop." Regards, Lisa
  15. The "statsstock" module, referred to in Post #8, is a new stats module found in PShop v1.4 in the "modules" folder. If you use PShop v1.3.x you can still use the module but does require a modification. I got the idea from a Dutch forum member: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/55021/ (use Google translate if you cannot read Dutch). I have made the remaining modifications necessary for it to work in PShop v1.3.x (download attached zip file) The value of your stock is calculated by: Quantity x Wholesale Price. For a product with attributes the calculation is the "average" wholesale price of the all the attributes associated with that product. Example: Attribute "Average" Wholesale Price: A product with 2 attributes 1st attribute wholesale price is 1.00; 2nd attribute wholesale price is 3.00; Then you will see the avg. wholesale attribute price of 2.00 displayed :::::::::::: To Install :::::::::::: 1. Unzip file 2. Load the entire folder on to your server under the "modules" folder 3. In Back Office go to "Modules" tab and install the module, it will be found under the "Stats" area (see screen capture) 4. After installation go to the "Stats" tab in your Back Office and choose "Stock Value" to view the output. 5. If you have any trouble just deinstall or remove it from your server. :::::::::::: See screen capture for how the module displays in PShop 1.3.2 The module comes in English and is translated for German, French and Spanish. For translations see "Back Office > Tools > Translations > Module translations" (see screen capture) Kind regards, Lisa statsstock.zip
  16. Hi Kelvin, I am having my programmer look it over and see what he can do. He has already informed me that it is an easy fix for the "incorrect" "$" sign showing up in my "euro" based site under the attributes listing. Right now, this is on the bottom of the list of other things that he is completing for me at the moment. But definitely will update and share if the file can do a couple things I think we would like to have done. Best regards, Lisa
  17. Dear callsyoda, I would also like the script to display "Base Price, Profit, %" for the combinations/attributes but I believe one would have to hire a programmer to rewrite the script to make that happen. I was curious about the install of "AdminInventory" working on PShop v.1.4 so I installed it on my clean install of PShop v. to see it. Yep, definitely works. See screen capture. I have a programmer full time, so if I have the file "AdminInventory.php" reworked and it functions, then I will definitely post that here. Currently I am joyful to see the "Base Price, Profit, %" for my base product, really eases work involved in having to calculate these things myself. Have a good one. Kind regards, Lisa
  18. The "Per Status Invoices" does not appear to work in PShop v.1.3.2 This "Per Status Invoice" feature in PShop v.1.4 sounds like a really exciting and welcome addition to PShop. I am using and will have to continue to use PShop v.1.3.2 since our site is modified quite a bit and I cannot upgrade. I can say that I have used the files Rocky was kind enough to attach in Post #3- The files do create the interface in my version of PShop. But the function of actually generating the invoices is not functional. The standard "Calendar Invoice PDF" generation is not affected and continues to function fine. Kind regards, Lisa
  19. Really nice modification Zenith. Thanks a lot. Since I am jumping into the thread at such a late date (one year after your original post) I have a question. I am using PShop v.1.3.2 and have just substituted my "modules/statshome/statshome.php" with the included file on Post #10. Added the 2 square.gifs from Post #15 & #16 (changed their color). I did not need to do any of the changes to the "admin/index.php" from Post #1, since my code is very different. I assume because the code changes from Post #1 are for PShop v.1.4. With just the changes to the "statshome.php" for PShop v. 1.3.2 it is displaying and functioning perfectly. I just wanted to double check that your former version of the modification (either v.1.0 or v.1.1) was to only modifiy the "statshome.php" file, no need to touch the "admin/index.php" file and this would work. If so, I can confirm it works for PShop v.1.3.2. See screen capture attached. (showing the stats for the day) Thanks a bunch. Kind regards, Lisa
  20. Downloaded the files from Post #77 Followed Instructions from Post #72 Made minor fix regarding where CSV file downloads to, from Post #89
  21. To the users of Orlique (Shopix & Pippo3000), I am really interested in purchasing the Orlique module by Silberseiten as found here: http://www.prestashop-module.de/lang-en/features-backend/78-orlique-der-order-manager.html Looks like it has great functionality and the price seems right. But I did have one question. Maybe one of you could answer. When you decide to do any one of the three actions: 1. delete an order, 2. delete a product from an order, or 3. decrease the quantity of a product in the order is the product inventory recalculated to reflect your action? (Is the product added back to the appropriate ps_database tables including product_attribute tables)? Or do you have to manually adjust your stock levels in the Back Office to reflect the changes you made. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Lisa
  22. Hi All, can confirm that this works on PShop version 1.3.2 Shop and Admin are in two languages (German and English) We use euro & 19% tax rate. Downloaded the files from Post #77 Followed Instructions from Post #72 Made minor fix regarding where CSV file downloads to, from Post #89 Worked right away. No tweaking necessary. Minor irritation is that the attribute pricing shows with the dollar "$" symbol instead of the euro "€" symbol. Sure there is a simple code fix for this display. Profit margin displays correctly for me. See first product on list of attached Screen capture as an example. Stock levels display correctly. Great tool. Thanks to the developers. Kudos!! Kind regards, Lisa
  23. Great news. Thanks for the fast reply. Will be purchasing soon. Need to get my programmer up to speed for this project. Kind regards, Lisa
  24. Hi Jeckyl, we are wrapping up the development of our site which uses PShop version 1.3.2 and am interested in using MailChimp for our Newsletter needs. Thanks a bunch for fixing the official MailChimp module released by MailChimp! Makes you a star. The "Ecommerce Tracking Plugin" referred to here, is this the module that you fixed for PrestaShop? http://blog.mailchimp.com/ecommerce-tracking-plugin/ Am curious if your MailChimp Synchronizatin Module and the fixed MailChimp module are compatible with PShop version 1.3.2? If so, am interested in purchasing your module. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Lisa
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