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  1. Are there any shipping modules for 1.7, particularly FedEx. I was looking specifically for a FedEx module, but can't really find modules for other carriers now that I'm looking. How is anyone operating a storefront for any physical good without being able to provide shipping costs to customers? Am I missing something utterly banal and basic? Thanks in advance. And hopefully I'll end up feeling a bit foolish for overlooking something basic, Jonathan
  2. I sent an email, but after trying for a few days to deliver it, my server gave up. I also sent you a private message using the forum. Perhaps you can deliver it to your support team? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the response. I'd seen your module, which also seems to be the primary one available already for 1.7. As a quick question, does it also associate customers with an affiliate for a period of time after initial visit? Lastly, on #4, lets talk offline perhaps. I'd be curious about adding that functionality as a custom element. I'd resigned myself to just coding it up myself. Regardless, I'll review the .pdf doc you linked. Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone. I've been looking at a # of the affiliate modules available for Prestashop, and most haven't been transitioned to 1.7 yet. Email queries to a couple on their schedule to do so haven't gotten a reply. So what affiliate modules are available currently or will be available soon for PS 1.7.* Ideal functionality, which I've found in modules for other shopping carts would include: 1. Being able to create different groups with their own commission rules, and assign affiliates to one group or another. 2. Being able to associate a sale with an affiliate by url, by coupon code, by email of customer. 3. To override the general commission rate with exceptions for individual products. (ie, no commission for XYZ product, or different commission). This one I haven't found yet, but hope to someday 4. To subtract promotion/coupon from affiliate's commission. Ie, offer a 20% commission, if associate wants to offer their network a 10% discount, their total commission is only 10% on those sales (10+10=20). So in the broad sense, any affiliate modules actually work for 1.7 yet? And of those that might, are they flexible/well featured? Thanks in advance. Jonathan
  5. Followup for group knowledgebase: As it turns out despite trying with two different themes, on closer inspection, both were flawed, despite one being a commercial theme offered on Prestashop's own site. The commercial theme was packaged/zipped with a windows file structure/naming/path system using backslashes and having excess files like thumb.db. It couldn't extract into a Linux directory tree. Had to convert the thing over and repack it. Interestingly the developer hadn't been able to solve that issue over a week's time. (I admit it has me a bit worried if it is indicative of other modules. Particularly given 1.7 apparently has broken a lot of the well vetted and mature 3rd party add-ons.) The other theme was a free theme posted in the forums, but was missing a couple files Prestashop seems to look for. Once the commercial theme was converted and re-zipped, it installed fine. All is well that ends well. Lots of reasons a theme may not be valid, but for those who run the error and can't find other solutions, look at how the .zip package's files are formatted.
  6. Just did a completely vanilla prestashop install on Centos 7. Had to fudge a few things, including 777'ing the destination directory temporarily. Loaded everything up, it went through without errors, classic/default theme displays... yay. However when I go to install another theme, it claims they aren't valid 1.7 themes. I've tried it with more than one to confirm it is an issue with the install and not the theme. (And yes, these are explicitly 1.7 themes). My guess is there is some permission issue still going on for unpacking the theme, but I'm not sure where to start looking. Are there any known issues where I should start digging to debug it, or to try and unpack one of the themes manually? I'm utterly new to PS, and I gather PS 1.7 is new in the market, so any help would be appreciated.
  7. Never mind. Made no changes, just re-clicked an hour or two later and it connected fine. While confused, moving on.
  8. This is almost embarrassing at this point. I've gotten Prestashop 1.7 into the install process on Centos 6. This actually took trouble than I'd have thought. Going through the install screens, I can't get it to recognize the DB I've set up. I've tried with a DB set up via Cpanel, and a DB set up in command line. I've tried as root user and a generated user. I've confirmed the default port is 3306 on the server for the db. Tried with IP 127, localhost, and actual server IP It simply isn't recognizing a DB and doesn't give enough granular information for me to determine why. Any thoughts or things I should play with?
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