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  1. I am experiencing the same issue. In the Google Mechant Center page to upload a feed, the input method "E-commerce platform imports" is greyed out. Have you found a solution to this? Thanks!
  2. Hello! A customer brought to my attention that they receive too many emails regarding their order and I am looking for ways to reduce the amount of order notifications. Most of my customer payments are using the crypto currency "bitcoin" and I use the Bitpay module to achieve this. A successful bitcoin payment through the Bitpay module triggers a new order. With bitcoin, payments go through the blockchain and when there are enough successful confirmations of the transaction on the bitcoin network, the payment is applied and then completed. Here is a typical order: 1 - Payment Received email (Bitpay) 2 - Payment Confirmed email (Bitpay) 3 - Payment Applied email (Bitpay) 4 - Status email - Preparation in Progress (me) 5 - Status email - Order Shipped (me) 6 - Order Message - Shipped / Thank You / Tracking Number (me) From looking at this, I can remove email #4 and email #5 and only send out email #6 the "shipped/thanks/tracking" email. This would reduce the overall emails the customer receives to... 1 - Payment Received email 2 - Payment Confirmed email 3 - Payment Applied email 4 - Order Message - Shipped / Thank You / Tracking Number My biggest concern is the three payment emails. It would be great to reduce this somehow down to one. I have contacted Bitpay regarding this. Their recommendation was to edit the source code for the BitPay plugin with the line "fullNotifications" to 'false' instead of 'true'. I did do this and when the next order came in, I never received the order because the module was no longer notifying Prestashop that the payment was successful. Right now, the only option is no Bitpay payment emails and no orders, or 3 emails and I see the order. If anyone has any ideas or work arounds it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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