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  1. Do you think this will work? http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features/1303-list-or-grid.html With all templates? Thats another thing I suppose :/
  2. Products to be listed not in lines but in boxes like in demo templates.
  3. Not 1 reply in 2 days? Can't this be done?
  4. I am now seting up a shop and I have seen a couple of templates that show the products in boxes. Example 1: http://cms.template-help.com/prestashop_29909/ Example 2: http://cms.template-help.com/prestashop_30415/ What I need to know how to do is to have a menu item that will display items the same way like the front page of that templates does. Thats only in boxes. Is there a certain way or a module to do that? Sorry for asking I am new in Prestashop. Thank you.
  5. Αυτο ειναι ακριβως αυτο που εψαχνα... Ευχαριστώ.
  6. Κανεις;;;; παιδια περασαν τοσοι μηνες.. κανεις δεν εχει ιδεα;
  7. Great. Thanks for the info. Still i will wait for the tshirt module. i'll keep in contact
  8. Is "configurateur visuel full edition" a module? I can't find the price of it. Its really nice i might need it. It depends on my uncle. Its his shop i am building. As for the tshirt extension i am one of the first buyers thats for sure. ps: It would be nice if the shop was in English too
  9. If i purchase the curent version (the English one) do you think i will be able to upgrade to the other t-shirt version when released? When do you expect the t-shirt version to be released?
  10. omg, that is amazing. will it only effect the tshirt image or the stamp as well? i think that its not really going to work at the very end. i would really like to see an example whith a white tshirt uploaded and some stump on it. :-s
  11. I understand that and I apologise. I thought maybe someone could know. Thank you for your time.
  12. Do i have to check my Countrys laws (difficult to find) or is there a source site for picture laws where i can find what law is on for me?
  13. What do you mean the right of person? its a another thing to have a photoshoot than having a protests and a riot. In the second and third one you can't pay for it. if thats what you mean. wasn't it?
  14. @Olivia123 I have send you a PM. Topic is still open for offers. Thank you
  15. Hello, what are the laws for selling photos of public areas, archaeological sites, protests, riots etc ? I mean, i could be (among others) in a photo being sold for months or years now and i don't know of it. I want to start a site selling such photos. Something like a fotofolio. Thank you.
  16. c'est impossible !!! Μιλάμε για χιλιάδες σχέδια. να παω σε αλλο CMS μήπως; αν εχεις κατι κατα νου pm me ειναι σε πολυ δυσκολη θεση. Ευχαριστώ.
  17. I have posted my problem before but no one found what i really need. I am willing to hire someone to create exactly what i need to have on my eshop. Here we go again: I am setting up a shop for someone I know selling stumped t-shirts. There is a big amount of combinations going on. The factors are: Type (or style), Color & Size. You can see an example HERE (<<< Click ) What is need is: to have a STATIC combination showing the combinations such as the one in the example so that i will only have to upload the stamp with a transparent background and it will fit in there. If you right click on the example and click view image you will see the stamp transparent. That means that the stamp is something separate from the rest of the box. Please send me offers or information’s. I have about 10 days. Thank you.
  18. Γεια σας, είμαι στην φάση μεταφοράς ενός eshop συγγενή μου από joomla σε prestashop. Χρειάζομαι κάποιον να μου πει αν υπάρχει κάποιο module ή κάποιο add on τελοσπαντων που να μπορεί να κάνει αυτό που θέλω να κάνω. Το eShop αφορά μπλουζάκια custom made (με στάμπες κλπ). Επειδή υπάρχουν πολλά σχέδια, πολλά χρώματα και μεγέθη, είναι πρακτικά αδύνατο να προσθέτω σε κάθε συνδυασμό χρώματος μεγέθους το μπλουζάκι με την στάμπα. Αυτό που χρειάζομαι είναι κάποιο σύστημα που θα υπάρχουν τυποποιημένοι οι Χ συνδυασμοί χρωμάτων-μεγεθών κι εγώ απλά θα προσθέτω την στάμπα με backround transparent και αυτή θα "πέφτει" επάνω στο αντίστοιχο μπλουζάκι. Ένα παράδειγμα είναι εδώ: http://www.tokotoukan.gr/el/t-shirts/funny/sudoku-for-blondes-tshirt ΒΟΗΘΗΣΤΕ ΜΑΣ ΣΑΣ ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ!! Στο Αγγλικό forum με έχουν γραμμένο κανονικά!
  19. Well thats the problem. Editing all these combinations will take me hours for each product and there are 100s! Will this help me do at least some of what i need? Should i ask a developer for what i need? Thank you
  20. Hello everyone i am new here and to prestashop which i loved from the very first minute. But beside all this love i have some serious problems. I know it’s been asked before but it didn’t really helped me so I have to ask again. I am going to use prestashop for custom made tShirts sales. I have multiple products, sizes, colors and stamps. (multiple sizes for men, women & kids). Some of this sizes come to a few colors and all of them can be stamped with the stamp the customer asks. What I need now is creating "a thing" that will let me automatically create a default number of combinations and then to all of that combinations add just the stamp. I have a perfect example of what I need. Check it please: http://www.tokotoukan.gr/el/t-shirts/old-school/king-pong-tshirt See? Stamp is static and all that changes is size, color and style. I could pay for it I have no problem as long as it is in a normal price of course. Thank you for your time and sorry if my English are not perfect it not my native language.
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