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  1. Do you think this will work? http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features/1303-list-or-grid.html With all templates? Thats another thing I suppose :/
  2. Products to be listed not in lines but in boxes like in demo templates.
  3. Not 1 reply in 2 days? Can't this be done?
  4. I am now seting up a shop and I have seen a couple of templates that show the products in boxes. Example 1: http://cms.template-help.com/prestashop_29909/ Example 2: http://cms.template-help.com/prestashop_30415/ What I need to know how to do is to have a menu item that will display items the same way like the front page of that templates does. Thats only in boxes. Is there a certain way or a module to do that? Sorry for asking I am new in Prestashop. Thank you.
  5. Αυτο ειναι ακριβως αυτο που εψαχνα... Ευχαριστώ.
  6. Κανεις;;;; παιδια περασαν τοσοι μηνες.. κανεις δεν εχει ιδεα;
  7. Great. Thanks for the info. Still i will wait for the tshirt module. i'll keep in contact
  8. Is "configurateur visuel full edition" a module? I can't find the price of it. Its really nice i might need it. It depends on my uncle. Its his shop i am building. As for the tshirt extension i am one of the first buyers thats for sure. ps: It would be nice if the shop was in English too
  9. If i purchase the curent version (the English one) do you think i will be able to upgrade to the other t-shirt version when released? When do you expect the t-shirt version to be released?
  10. omg, that is amazing. will it only effect the tshirt image or the stamp as well? i think that its not really going to work at the very end. i would really like to see an example whith a white tshirt uploaded and some stump on it. :-s
  11. I understand that and I apologise. I thought maybe someone could know. Thank you for your time.
  12. Do i have to check my Countrys laws (difficult to find) or is there a source site for picture laws where i can find what law is on for me?
  13. What do you mean the right of person? its a another thing to have a photoshoot than having a protests and a riot. In the second and third one you can't pay for it. if thats what you mean. wasn't it?
  14. @Olivia123 I have send you a PM. Topic is still open for offers. Thank you
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