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  1. I have copied this code:


    {if !$category->id && ($node.id==$category.id_parent || $node.id==$category.id)}

    <div class="navbar-toggler collapse-icons" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}" aria-expanded="true">
    <i class="material-icons add">xE145;</i>
    <i class="material-icons remove">xE15B;</i>

    <div class="collapse in" id="exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}">


    <div class="navbar-toggler collapse-icons" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}" aria-expanded="false">
    <i class="material-icons add">xE145;</i>
    <i class="material-icons remove">xE15B;</i>
    <div class="collapse" id="exCollapsingNavbar{$node.id}">



    And paste it as they said. That is the only change I've made. 


    What can I do about this? 


    Thank you! 

  2. Our customer is experiencing problems while saving product data.


    After pressing 'save' button, the data is not stored.  It seems an intermittand problem, as with the next update of the article information IS saved??


    It is version

    Browser Chrome latest updated version.

    Most of the time the options in in Availability options are not stored correctly.


    Any clue?? How to trouble shoot?



  3. We need a module which can do the following.


    Our customer organizes courses. On different days and in different cities.


    Course A

    • date & time 1, city A
    • date & time 2, city A
    • date & time 3, city B
    • date & time 4, city C


    Course B

    • date & time 5, city A
    • date & time 6, city D
    • date & time 7, city D
    • date & time 8, city C


    Course C

    • Et cetera...


    Of course the module should keep track of available seats for each course and distract available seats after each order placed.

    Also, when displaying the course (as product), the available date/time combinations including locations should be shown.

    Whether in an agenda overview or as selectable options in the product itself.


    Also, the attendants of a certain course/time/location should be easy to contact for example with emails for further information, to be sent between order placement and actual course.


    It looks a LOT like selling tickets for a concert. Although all modules I have examined, do not show the option to select available date & time AND city per concert/course.


    Can anyone hint out to a suitable (paid if necessary) module for 1.7?







  4. Hello,


    We have set up the PrestaShop Category Tree module (ps_categorytree).


    There are two things we'd expect to work differently. Maybe we need to use a different module to display the categories, so please feel free to respond!


    1) When clicking on a TOP level category with sub categories, we expected to open a page with all sub categories displayed. In stead it displays all articles from the sub categories. (Top category has no articles only sub categories)

    Is this configuration setting somewhere? Or do we need different category tree module?


    2) When clicking 'somewhere' in the category tree, the page opens with the articles found in that category. We expect the Category Tree module to highlight the selected category? Now it resets itself to start position, only showing all top level categories. (all top categories 'folded in' again).


    Is this configuration setting somewhere? Or do we need different category tree module?

    Many thanks!!!!
  5. It is indeed not mandatory.


    The 'Problem' is somewhat more complex.


    The customer wants the category page to display a 'fixed height' text from the 'Short description'. 

    Some products have 100 char short description, some more, some less, some none.

    In order to have a 'neat' category page, we want to 'fix' the height of the block for the short description.


    BUT!!! When a product has NO short description, the block should not be displayed at all.

    The products with no short description are in the same category.


    How can this be configured..?? 


    >Going back to the input field (field stays red), selecting a previously entered value by the input field history dropdown, the field color stays 'red'.

    1. After you enter correct value, you have move your cursor out of the field, so that it will trigger the validation and it will remove red?


    Yes, only leaving the field will revaluate the field contents.

    It should revaluate the contents directly when a value is selected from the field history pull down list...

  7. I am not sure if I use the correct English terms, please feel free to correct!


    Under Windows IE one of our customers is experiencing this problem:


    1. Editing a value into an required input field which is checked for correct entry (like an email address). 
    2. Typing an error value (for example, email address without '@')
    3. Leaving the field (press 'tab' key), it turns 'red' (with X) indicating the value is wrong 
    4. Going back to the input field (field stays red), selecting a previously entered value by the input field history dropdown, the field color stays 'red'.


    Can this be corrected and if yes, how? After selecting the value, the field color should reset to default color.


    On our Mac's with Firefox and Chrome, when you select a value from the input field history dropdown box, the field color is instantly reset to 'default'.

  8. I am looking for a module who can do the following. In fact, it is a different kind of filtering system based upon specifications from the products.


    Say, we have shoes and boots.

    Shoes can have strings or velcro (??), boots can have strings or velcro.


    Article 1:

    type: shoe



    article 2:

    type: shoe



    article 3

    type: boot



    article 4

    type boot




    When I choose 'product selector', the first question it asks is:

    Shoe or Boot?


    You make your choice by pressing 'Shoe' or 'Boot'.


    Then a button 'Show results' is presented and if pressed, it display the selection of articles who meet your answer

    ALSO!! The next question is presented:

    String or Velcro?


    By answering this question, the button 'Show results' is again displayed, by pressing it it will show the artcles meeting the answer of the first AND second questoin.


    The questions must be displayed not in the left column, but 'screen wide' (don't know how to say this in Prestashop?)


    Is there something out there that suits my needs? Or does it have to be custom build?


    I have it 100% working with the 'CATALOG' filtering options, but our customer wants it to be much more prominently displayed (the questions), the questions asked in sequence (not all at once) and the results not automatically be displayed, but after pressing the 'show results' button, although maybe not after the last question.



  9. I am trying to upload product features using a CSV file. I am having trouble with the correct formatting and I hope someone can help me out with this.


    Format questions: 

    When I download the example CSV, the following format is given for Features:



    When I read the (Dutch!) explanation in the right sidebar on the Advanced Settings -> Import screen, I see this feature  example:

    Feature (Name:Value:Postion:'Edited') -> Edited is the 4th value not available in the example download CSV.


    • What does Position mean?
    • What does 'Edited' mean?
    • What is the correct format for one feature? Feature1name:Feature1value:..???
    • Can I use spaces in the feature names and/or values?


    Multiple Features question:

    If I want to add 10 features to one single product, what is the correct format to separate the features from each other?


    If this can't be done with the default import functionality, what module would you recommend for me to use?


    MANY thanks!!


  10. Beste allemaal,


    Ik ben vreselijk nieuw in Prestashop. Ik ben bezig om de CSV importfunctie te gebruiken. Voor de producten die moeten worden ingelezen, gebruiken we veel kenmerken.


    Hoe moet ik dat in de CSV opnemen zodat dit goed wordt geimporteerd? 


    Kenmerk (Naam:Waarde:Positie:Aangepast)


    Waar zijn positie en aangepast voor?


    En als ik drie kenmerken bij een product wil specificeren (het worden er minstens 10...) hoe moet dan de format worden?




    Zoiets? Bijzonder bedankt voor jullie hulp alvast!

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