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  1. so did this work>? I'm looking at doing something similar, where i have two installations of the cart on different domain names so that i can have one as a wholesale and one as a retail, the only different would be that I will have a different design and hardcoded menu on each one but same database connection and products etc. Are there going to be any quirky issues with cookie issue or logins redirecting or things like that there there is some default domain type of setting saved in the database that will mean that a user gets shuttled back to the primary domain rather than staying on the second one when they are checking out etc? --- update, ive been reading another thread on this topic and it seems like it will be possible with some careful configuring of the settings files.... ie... they are just in the settings.inc.php But you have two settings.inc.php, so the cookie_key from the main have to be copied into the settings.inc.php of the new store.
  2. I'd like to be able to have a cms content area above the blocks and category view, so that i can have some general information about the products in the category. The only thing I can think of is, can we display a cms page in a box under the horistonal menu above a category and side blocks? I've searched hundreds of addons and cant find something that does this.
  3. hang on a tic, i asked if this thing existed and if it does then a link to it seems appropriate to me. here is the translated page: http://tinyurl.com/prestaquote if i understand how it works though it seems to me that its to get a quote on the item rather than the shipping specifically but it might still suit the purpose.
  4. yes, it would be nice to have either or both: - view only new posts in english - automatic google translate on non-english pages
  5. i am wondering is there a shipping module that lets the store owner send a shipping price after the sale or somehow there is human intervention in the shipping cost? The freight costs on paintings will be hugely variable depending on the size of the painting, whether it is canvas or board, where it is going, whether the customer wants insurance or not etc etc etc . The freight on smaller items is more stable, generally one cost for in Australia and one for overseas, but even this can be variable. I note on sites like EBay you can enter your own freight amount after communicating with the seller. Another site that I buy machinery on has a similar feature.
  6. you're welcome. the closer the cart can suit regional requirements without being confusing the better. i think the word you are looking for to replace 'precisions' would be details all good though, still got the message through.
  7. that'd be handy. or to display the products in the featured or home or some other category.
  8. did you end up making a custom module for direct deposit that can be installed?
  9. yes its a pity their fees are so high.
  10. is there some way we could connect a shipping module to these quoting pages? http://www.fastway.com.au/1PriceServiceCalc.html http://www.ubercart.org/forum/development/14087/australia_fastway_couriers_module http://www.couriersplease.com.au/content/view/33/99/ the difficulty with australia post is that they have this cubic weight requirement and a complicated table of rates so getting the product data into the cart is a headache, lots of extra measurements required: http://drc.edeliver.com.au/#Data
  11. fix the available nab hosted payments page one paymate anz egate perhaps
  12. i may be interested in joint venturing on some payment modules if it saves me from paying to write the whole thing for just one client site.
  13. yeh, it would be great if we had some more modules to support aus conditions. is there a working aus post module available?
  14. it would be nice if the states could be in the install database so we didnt have to add these every time we setup a site. and the gst.
  15. im not sure if any of the freight companies in aus do yet? i cant understand really why the freight companies, the banks and payment gateways dont just write plugins for all the carts themselves. its not like they are short of $ to invest from their billions in profits, very shortsighted in my opinion. surely if one of the big couriers wrote a plugin we would be likely to offer it to clients and then they would end up getting more business but instead it gets left to the web developers to try and recoup the cost on a per project basis, or maybe via the online store if ur lucky. we're always having to just make do with some basic freight options so it would be good if we could have a more automatic connection to australia post or fastway or something like that. also, shipping from australia to international for anything other than <3kg parcel is basically impossible to get automatic price on it seems, business owners end up calling their freight handling company to get a quote every time.
  16. this doesnt seem to be available on your site anymore. are you interested in writing any plugins for the banks gateways? nab, bankwest etc?
  17. probably doing something with weights is going to be the way i would look into it. i dont have a specific example of having done it though. it would be nice if we could set a category to have free shipping.
  18. You will find that providers in the usa will be better to deal with in my experience. Australian bandwidth is too expensive.
  19. I don't know php but I needed a purchase order module. Like COD but pay later by invoice for B2B transaction. Managed to change all the variable names and such in the COD module and get it working in a way that suits my requirements. It's a bit like a module called 'billmelater' that i found but couldnt get it to work. If i have made errors i am happy to correct and upload the improved version. I would really like a reasonably priced set of payment modules that have been made for the Australian banks and such so that we can more easily service our clients payment methods. purchaseorder.zip
  20. looks good. i think i will buy this. can i use it on multiple sites once i buy the plugin? would be good if it could backup to s3 like the way http://www.webdesigncompany.net/automatic-wordpress-backup does
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