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  1. I know it may not sound nice but this answer is what we have been giving the last year. Nothing changes. We, on the Dutch part of this forum, have a moderator who has not visited this forum for more then over a year, but he is still a moderator! Why do you think that there is no involvement from a lot of people or people move away after some time? This is because there is no structure and all energy gets lost.
  2. Je zult ook je design moeten aanpassen om deze tabellen zichtbaar te krijgen lijkt mij...
  3. Right, but have a look for yourself in these forums and SEE that to many questions are posted in the wrong forum. If you would have active moderating these should be moved to the right part of the forums. This is what makes replying difficult and worthless as same questions ar all over the place. If you could make the: Search this forum so that it would ONLY search in the sub-forum you are in it would make things a lot easyer. Then DO something about this forum so that many of us are (again) motivated to help.
  4. I stopped answering questions here because of the lack of active moderating. I created my own, non-official, Dutch forum, reply in the Dutch part the official forum here the and ocasionaly I reply in a topic I find interesting enough. Why? Like I said before , the forums here are total crap and messed up, answers all over the place and 1001 same questions asked over and over again. I'm also a moderator on one large osCommerce forum, there I answer any question if i can, but that is because that forum is well regulated and the right question are in the right part of the forum, so for many an answer is easyer to find then here and thus have we less same questions. So, yes, I'm picky.
  5. Greate an additional group that have only rights to view your categories. So no-one who is not a registered customer can see your products.
  6. It's been a month, what about this website? Or is it just another item they announce in the hope that the issue will pass in time and no-one will ask for it again?
  7. Someone's a little cranky. Wauw, and it took you 8 months to come up with that smart reply?
  8. The problem is where you not only need the carrier-code but also the postcode as is required by TNT. There should be in the BO a way to configure this.
  9. Kan ik me voorstellen, je heb er toch een hoop aan (laten?) verbouwen. Ik heb hem helemaal zelf ge-verbouwd. Veel heeft PS nog niet in zich, het belangrijkste: order-edit.
  10. Ik draai nog osC (ga nog lang niet over) en daar heb ik het ook zo gedaan.
  11. Er zijn bots waar je niets aan hebt.
  12. Het is eerder dat die iDeal module niet werkt met de nieuwere PS. Wat zegt trouwens je server error-log over deze pagina?
  13. Dat is waarschijnlijk een bot die je site doorzoekt. Probeer eens het IP-adres van deze bezoeker te achterhalen en block deze desnoods.
  14. This is the Dutch Language Plus Pack for PrestaShop 1.2.5 Final ( Current releasedate: 26-09-2009 What do we have: 1: Translation follows an overall standard and cosmetic look 2: Office back-end translated 95% 3: Front-end translated 100% 4: Errors translated 100% 5: PDF translated 100% 6: Modules translated 70% 7: E-mails translated 100% 8: E-mail subject translated 100% 8: Dutch Flag (nl.jpg) 9: Default image in Dutch and English 10: Readme Please be aware that still not all modules are translated! Some help-files were more clear in English so they have been left untouched. Make sure that: If you add a new Dutch Translations you follow the same line of translation wich is already used. Same words etc.: Save = Bewaren Image = Afbeelding etc. Follow/use the ABN norm of the Dutch language and if you re-read your own translation it makes sence. This will make sure that new users of PrestaShop will have a professional looking Dutch translation and also a professional looking shop. If you do not plan to do so please do not upload any translations as this will confuse others! Only upload full packages! If you have any comments or have found errors please contact me! Thanks for your understanding! Download: Here
  15. Mooi, dus toch een beschadigd bestand. Welke versie van de iDEAL heb je? Zit er geen readme bij?
  16. Welke versie van PS en wat voor server? Het lijkt op een loop door een corrupt bestand.
  17. this doesn'ty clean all database entries, it's better to use this module http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/18231 Thanks!
  18. Next time read the error-message: "CREATE command denied to user \‘Bizhan". Ask you hoster.
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