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  1. "Zen option has expired since 12/10/2017 . Zen Option is currently unavailable for this product".
  2. How I can extend paid module support period?
  3. I imported categories with no-more-500-errors -plugin and I got four errors during import: Categories xxx of yyy Error Importing: !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml What this means?
  4. Take a look of this http://kauppa.modificars.fi/powerflex-road-series-puslasarjat-volvo-xc90-2003-2014 There's only one product. But I have exported it to other five categories. Default category isn't XC90 (2003 - 2014), it is 850, S70, V70 (up to 2000) But when I click product, it jumps to default category and also shows default category's other products. Should it do it that way? I thought that clicking product will stay on that category where product is and other products shows products which are really in that category what I'm looking for. And If you hover over other products in same category, you see that text "Powerflex-puslasarja - PFR69-830" appear in every product. What could be wrong?
  5. Out of range value for column 'id_category' at row 1 INSERT INTO `ps_category` (`nleft`, `nright`, `level_depth`, `active`, `id_parent`, `id_shop_default`, `is_root_category`, `position`, `date_add`, `date_upd`) VALUES ('0', '0', '5', '1', '102', '1', '0', '0', '2017-10-10 21:22:19', '2017-10-10 21:22:19') When creating new category, I get that error (error reporting on). It is possible that category id is too high. How I can change categoryid autoincrement to start from ie. 1000?
  6. How? I have also 404 categories after csv import. Htaccess regeneration didn't helped.
  7. I used csv-import to import categories. In BO everything looks fine but when you look FO you can see that category path doesn't make any sense. Category path should be: Alustanosat>Powerflex-polyuretaanipuslat>Powerflex Road Series>Audi>100 inc Avant Typ 43 (C2) & 44 (C3) (06/76-12/90) Not that monster what includes Toyota RAV4, Porsche, BMW etc... What the heck is wrong? 1.6.14 When I remove category, should its ID from ps_category also disappear and descriptions etc from ps_category_lang?
  8. This is how to remove thumbs completely: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-1-6-x-how-to-remove-subcategory-thumbnails.html But I want to show thumb if pic is defined and if not defined category name is in <li>-tags. How to make that?
  9. When deleting product: Fatal error: Call to a member function getConfiguration() on null in /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.fi/kauppa.mydomain.fi/modules/ebay/classes/EbaySynchronizer.php on line 638 In ebaysynchronizer.php line 638 there is $large = new ImageType((int)$ebay_profile->getConfiguration('EBAY_PICTURE_SIZE_BIG')); I disabled ebay so no error anymore but quantities doesn't update.
  10. I tried to change product quantity in BO and saved but quantity stays still the same what it was before. I have selected "I want to specify available quantities manually." And also when I delete product I get just blank page. Product is deleted however.
  11. I don't see excatly that kind of text in my header.tpl. Could you give modified file for me? I use Header-file enclosed. I had to change tpl to txt to upload file. header.txt
  12. <div class="product-desc" itemprop="description"> {$product.description_short|truncate:360:'...'} </div> Worked. I have Have you forced template recompilation?
  13. I think mailalerts.php is the file where I can change email title of order which comes to merchant. Original it is like: sprintf(Mail::l('New order : #%d - %s', $mail_id_lang), $order->id, $order->reference) But I want to be it like: order reference - payment method - (total value) How I can change it?
  14. That would be nice. I updated Presta to This should be voucher system: - When customer adds any of manufacturer1 product(s) to shopping cart, customer can buy any of manufacturer2 product(s) and use voucher to manufacturer2 products (no discount for manufacturer1 product) - I can choose multiple products (also combinations if needed) where to apply discount. Now presta has option to apply discount to only one product. So how we continue now?
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