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  1. OK, I've never edited JS files. Perhaps it would be better to buy the pro version of the template and get the developer to do it. EDIT: I just looked at the developer's demo for the template and the menu and template work perfectly together. So, maybe Advanced Menu stuffed up stuff and left it there after uninstall... 🙄
  2. Now that the new menu is in place, your module is working well, thanks. 👍🏻 I have also discovered that the problems you mentioned above appear to be with the template. At least, Advanced Menu has now been completely uninstalled. I really do hate that the only remaining thing in the template mobile menu is the language selector. I would much prefer to get rid of that mobile menu altogether and move the language selector out to a permanent visible position (same as search, cart, login). There is a very strong arguement that the language selector is visually more important than both search and login. Is it possible to achieve this?
  3. This is the highest rated and reviewed menu module in the store. However, it's now out of support cover (although still the latest version), so I'm changing to an alternative (Mega Menu Pro). Typically, although it looks like it fixes this issue, I discovered a major bug in the backend to do with language selection (also present in their backend demo site). It's currently impossible to create multi-language menus in the module. I'm now waiting for them to fix their demo site so I can get an updated package...
  4. OK, thanks. Is there an easy way to track this down, or is the best route via the module developer? It's a crucial module, so there's no doing without it.
  5. OK, I spoke a little soon. When I checked it earlier, I checked on desktop and a resized browser. It worked fine on both. However, when I now checked on an actual phone browser (Chrome and Edge), there was no selector. I cleared data and PS cache, but still nothing. 😕
  6. Yeah, hook position.... 🙄😵 Worked well this morning after I'd had sleep and actually set the hook. Thanks!
  7. I gave it a try, but it didn't work with my template. And the module settings wouldn't save.
  8. Thanks. I had missed that one. However, I just tried the inline instruction and the language selector completely disappeared.
  9. A search revealed this topic has been touched on before, but not specifically for this. Well...not for PS1.7. Firstly, flags don't appear in the language selector in mobile layout, only text. Looking at the theme code, they should, but don't. However, rather than try to fix this, I would much prefer that both the dropdown selector and text were replaced entirely by just inline flags (two on my site). Having the flags next to each other is by far the most obvious and convenient way for folks to change language, as well as for them to immediately see that they can change it and what's available. I would want this for full desktop and mobile layouts. Can anybody help me achieve this? I'm not a coder, but am fully at home with making changes to files. 🙂
  10. *sigh* I didn't register the missing 7 in the version. Well, given that it's literally slightly different syntax in just three instances, I think I'll just fix them myself. I have two other sites on the server that are complaining about not being on PHP 7.4.
  11. There have been previous posts about 'PHP Deprecated: array_key_exists' errors. The answers have always been, 'Change your PHP version. PHP 7.4 isn't supported.' Well, PHP 7.4 is now meant to be supported with v1.7.7.8, yet the same array_key_exists errors are still being logged for /classes/module/Module.php (line 343) and /src/Adapter/EntityMapper.php (lines 85 and 99). I note that both files were updated in, but still contain array_key_exists coding. So, what gives? It would be good to get quick fixes for these here rather than wait for another new release. The error log is filling at a rate of 1MB per hour on my site.
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