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  1. Found the problem!

    my customer has been trying for a week to insert a product called "Cacsade Bonsai Pot" and it has been throwing this cryptic error message:
    " an error occurred while creating object product "
    I upgraded his version of prestashop, and it was still causing issues.
    Finally tracked the problem down

    It's in prestashops query blacklist checker:

     public static function blacklist(&$query)
        return eregi(self::$_blacklist, $query) ? true : false;

    It thinks the "Cascade" in the product name & description is a harmful SQL query!

    The solution is:

    * SHRUG *

    I've just removed "CASCADE" from the blacklist checker so my customer can create this product, hopefully newer versions of prestashop will have a nicer sql parser, possibly something that strips out all user values between

    "[^"]*" or '[^']*'

    before checking the query. ?


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