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  1. I have had my website up and running for a few months, however i noticed that the mobile sites sub catagory text is quite dark, how would i go about changing the text colour on the mobile site without changing the text colour on the desktop site?
  2. thank you, i had to edit the html files, unfortunatly changing corisponding theme folder to to 775 did not work
  3. i am trying to customise my email templates, (remove powered by presta shop, and add my shop details) localization > translations > email template translations > my theme i make changes with edit HTML versions > source code when i go to save i i get "forbidden 403" is there away i can get around this?
  4. i have installed the European paypal moduel and it has fixed the issues i was having, thank you for your help
  5. Hey thanks for the reply, I'm actually using a custom theme and not the default one, I'm also already using prestashop Would it be helpful if I copy pasted the updateDisplay() function from my product.js so you can have a look at it?
  6. i dont think it is that one either. In my moduels in the back office it is called Paypal USA Canada
  7. That is not the moduel i am using, this one i have says its from prestashop, i have not paid for it so im a little confused.
  8. thank you http://www.seamlesslybeautiful.com.au/index.php?id_product=12&controller=product#/glitter_canvas_colour-citrus
  9. the author is prestashop, would i just email them?
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