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  1. Dear All, Anyone know how to solve this problem regarding paypal issue for latest version prestashop no order is create at admin back office and customer order area when payment is done. Appreciate for your feedback. Thank you.
  2. I face a problem at the "System Configuration" when trying to create a database. The error message is: Error while inserting data in the database: 'CREATE TABLE `ps_quick_access` ( `id_quick_access` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `new_window` tinyint(1) NOT NULL default \'0\', `link` varchar(128) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id_quick_access`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHA' You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near \'CHA\' at line 6(Error: : 1064) Installation for Simple type and full type has face a same error message above and my Database verification is connected. Any one face the same problem like this? Any solution?
  3. Thanks Patanock. I had try it in few days and I saw the result. I try with "wget", it work for me. Rocky, thanks for your warm helpful too. Thanks you for your all.
  4. I had set my cron job for every 12hour with this "curl http://www.mydomain.com/cron.php?secure_key=update" currencies still can't auto update but when I try to put a url "http://www.mydomain.com/cron.php?secure_key=update" then browse it, it work updating the currencies. Is it my cron job got any wrong setting?
  5. Alright Rocky. I listen to your advice. Thanks for your warm helpful.
  6. Can we increase meta-keywords? How to did it?
  7. I already get a solution for this problem. Once we disable an item without remove the mark at "on sale" at back office, the item will still remain as on sales item at special module. Thanks Rocky. I had slove it.
  8. PianetaModellismo, your currencies can automatically update by using a cron job? How you make it because I had try a several days but it see nothing to my currencies update and I need to login back office manually update. Can share your result? Thanks.
  9. Hi Rocky, may I know what is the character limitation on each description? Thanks.
  10. Hi Rocky, I'm using version 1.3.2. Yup. the query in the getRandomSpecial function in classes/Product.php is show that what you mention. But the disable product still show at special module. I really don know why.
  11. Any know where can we set a word limitation at short description, description and SEO Meta section and keywords? Thanks.
  12. I had list a product with special offer and discount before but when I disable an item, the item still show it at special module but the item didn't show at special link at footer. Once we had disable a product, the product won't show at site at all right? Any one know how to remove the product from a special module?
  13. I had try it again with notification mail when a cron job is done but the notification I receive is /bin/sh: http://www.mydomain.com/cron.php?secure_key=update: No such file or directory. The password "update" is the same with the password I create in cron.php. But I try to visit my back office, the currencies seem still remain the same rate as yesterday. I suspect is it related with the password I create in "cron.php" file at root directory because I seen the sign in "cron.php" password is woth this "==='update' " but the cron job at cpanel I put is "=update". Is it a cause ? Thanks.
  14. Hi Rocky, thanks for your good information. But after I create a cron.php and cron job at my Cpanel, it seem nothing for currencies update and we still need to manually login our admin to update a currency for a latest rate. Is it we need to change a Currency::refreshCurrencies(); to Currency::updateCurrencies(); ?? Or we need to modify admincurrencies.php at our admin folder?
  15. So sorry Rocky, I can't get clearly what you mean? Did you mean we need to create a new module call update function? Or we need to create a cron job at our cpanel? Or we need to create one file similar to Create a file similiar to modules/followup/cron.php but the cron.php file we need to modify the : $secureKey = Configuration::get into $secureKey = Currency::refreshCurrencies() and name this new file as update function? So sorry Rocky, I'm blind in programming. I just try my best to did it. Can you guide me the way how to do it? Thanks for your warm helpful.
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