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  1. Found the problem. The amazing filter module was the problem.
  2. I upgraded form to and now my stock does not save. I am running a multistore. When i change my stock of a product combination, there are no changes. It looks like its saving, but after a refresh my stock is on 0 again. Can anyone help me fixing this issue?
  3. Ok, thanks! Can anyone else give us a solution? And please fix it in a new release!
  4. When i want to add two colors (red and blue) as a feature on a product, the first one is overwritten. After saving, only the last feature is attached to the product. So i cannot add multiple colors to a product that must appear on the product data tab on the front of the web shop. I am using prestashop I cannot see in the chagelog of the new updates, that there is something fixed for this. What do i do wrong? Or is this a bug? Hope to hear from someone!
  5. Anyone? I am using Prestashop
  6. Hi, I set the currency format to Dutch for a combination: € 195,066036 In the backoffice i have to enter with a . instead of a , After saving there is a , When i save again, it rounds to 195 After saving the price is 195 instead of 195,066036 Also on the main price, there is a . and a , Where to solve this?
  7. So the customers on that special store can order and choose a payment that will send the invoice to the headquarter. Not all customers can have that option. Some must pay upfront. So there will be two payment options and with one of them, the invoice will be send to the invoice email address. That's why we need the extra field of invoice email address. If filled in, the invoice will be send to the headquarter email address.
  8. We have a multi store, where the headquater is login in. This store has customers who can order at that shop. These customers are sub offices who can order at that special shop.
  9. I think my customers dont know how to do this. It's abouw a lot of customers, so i think this is not an option. Anyone else an idea? Thanks @tuk66
  10. Is there a module available to set a customer invoice email address. One that is different than the user email address? This because a company has multiple buildings, but the invoice must go to the main office. The main office address has to pay the invoice. Thats why the invoice must be send to the headquarter. Hope anyone can help me!
  11. Have the same problem. I think Multistore is not supported. Anyone a fix for it?
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