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  1. I was referring to the add to cart button on product page. I solved this issue in the meantime. My problem was that I update the products quantity by a mysql call. I solved how to edit quantity on product combination for each variation and then I understood that there was also a total quantity needed to be updated.
  2. Hi all I've some difficulties understanding how quantity works for combinations. Let' say that I have a product called Whatever available in Red, Blue and Green. I create a single product called Whatever with 3 versions: Red, Blue and Green. I must choose one defaoult variation. Let's say the Blue one. Until I have a product available for the Blue variation everything works fine. If the Blue variation goes out of stock I cannot see the Add to cart button anymore even if I still having the Red and the Green available. How can work this logic? To complete the picture: I'm not using the Advanced Stock management because I don't have a stock. I sell in dropshipping and I just upload the product quantity from CVS file. I'm able to change the quantity of the variations on the combination. I guess that, in some way, I should setup a main quantity if exist at least 1 variation available or something like that. Anyone can help me to handle this issue? I will apreciate. Thank you in advance.
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