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  1. Hello Guys I am having a nightmare with google picking up old urls with already activated 301's. I have EAN UPC module which originally placed its number on the end of every URL and I hadn't realised, that was months ago but google now seams to be picking these up. I have just moved my site completely across to https to have accelerated mobile pages. What is the normal practice? I have checked 301's are in place then removed the error url from google console. Is there anything else I need to do? I seem to be jumping through hoops and spending a fortune at google at the moment. Thanks G
  2. Hi Smart Plugs, Thanks for taking the time out to reply. Appreciate it! Prestashop ARRRRR! 1 step forward then 2 back. I suppose if everything worked how we expected it too, then you guys would soon be out of business. New Module me thinks G
  3. Hi Guy's Have an issue with my 404 page not being displayed. I get the below instead. Any ideas how to fix this running prestashop 1.6 Thanks in advance G
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I think the estimated delivery capture or lack of it is going to be a real problem. The code above is provided by google and you change the variables to suit. 1 step forward 2 steps back
  5. Hi Guys, For some reason the admin search in back office doesn't work anymore when searching on the Mac, it still works fine on a windows laptop. Any ideas what this could be? would being logged into back end on both machines at the same time cause a search issue? Thanks G
  6. Hi Guys, I need to add some code to my order confirmation page for Google customer review opt in, shown below. Can someone tell me what file I should be adding it to. I have tried the order_confirmation.tpl with no luck Thanks in advance <script src="#ttps://apis.google.com/js/platform.js?onload=renderOptIn" async defer></script> <script> window.renderOptIn = function() { window.gapi.load('surveyoptin', function() { window.gapi.surveyoptin.render( { "merchant_id": 000000000, "order_id": "ORDER_ID", "email": "CUSTOMER_EMAIL", "delivery_country": "COUNTRY_CODE", "estimated_delivery_date": "YYYY-MM-DD" }); }); } </script>
  7. Hi Martin, Thanks for the info, I have had a look at the MySQL data base on my server and it looks like the settings are set to "no privileges". I have not worked with sql data bases before so this is something I need to read about Is it fairly straight forward? Thanks Gareth
  8. Yes you may fail to get customers if you don't set the correct URL its http not htpp as you have it Try google trends for keyword decline, also google web master for keyword click through and analytics on your site. Its a niche market and if you were doing well before on ebay then get back on it. Do you have a lot of competition? Build your brand. Are you using Adwords? Gareth
  9. Hi, FWIW If your serious about customer conversions then get a quick single page check out module, one of the best investments you'll make. Customers hate complicated Sorry cant help with the URLs Cheers Gareth
  10. Thanks I will have a look. Regards Gareth
  11. Hi All, Having an issue when putting products on a discount. The products display at the discounted price but then the category URL cannot be viewed I get the below:- Any help advice would be appreciated Thanks Gareth
  12. Hi All, We have recently started getting customers from outside the UK, so have set up a separate price for European postage. Is there anyway to automatically assign the European postage for non UK customers postage? Problem is UK is still part of Europe at least for the minute Thanks Gareth
  13. How does your module address the duplicate Meta and Data tags that google will pick up? This is a killer for organic Seo! I personally wouldn't bother going down this route it takes months for google to remove any duplicate content and you will be punished for it in the results. That 5 Euro bargain could end up costing you a lot more. I speak from the experience of holding the sh*t end of that stick.
  14. Recommendations for a chat module that doesn't screw up the SSL with insecure browser warnings, works with page caching module and responsive. Not looking for anything too complicated or flashy just something that works! Anyone? Cheers Gareth
  15. Hi Guys, I have noticed that although deleting modules from Back Office, they aren't actually being deleted from the host server files. Is that suppose to happen? Thanks Gareth
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