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  1. Shop been running for a few days - all relatively fine. However I have just had an order go through that had not been reflected in my shop, even though Paypal payment has been completed. It is not showing up as an order against the customer, item still in shop - but Paypal has taken the money Any idea why this might have happened, and where I can look to see what the problem might be
  2. Basically my shop only sells a few items (craft items) and there is usually a bit of a rush from some regular buyers to purchase stuff. Having just transferred from Etsy to my own Prestashop I have come across a problem with the cart that I was dreading. I have an product with 2 items in stock It would appear that two people put the same item in their cart at the same time - however the first put one in her cart and the second put two in her cart. The first one checked out 12 seconds before the second one. Payment was taken for all three items even though I only have two available. What I was hoping for is a cart that as soon as one item is added to it (before payment is taken) simultaneously reflects this in the availability of the item. So therefore the other customer could only have added 1 item I have Allow ordering out-of-stock product: Yes I appreciate this might be asking too much - anyone got any thoughts
  3. Based on feedback from customers, I really need to implement SSL on my site. However I do not know enough about this technology to understand how to implement it properly in Prestashop. I am running on a Linux server and my host offers SSL - although this is the only info available "On our Linux SSL server, the full path is as follows: /home/default/DOMAIN.ssl-01.com/user/htdocs" From searching the forum I see there are some problems with SSL - so wondered what question do I need to ask my host first. Assuming my host can provide me with the appropriate SSL package - is it as easy as turning on the SSL switch in the Back Office-Preferences - or is there more (much more) to it.
  4. Shop just open Customers complaining that they do not like the option of only Mr and Ms when they register for the site Whilst I am quite happy with the choice - there seems to be a swell of people who find this derogatory! Is it possible for me to add a few more options to the code? Where and how Thanks
  5. That would be great - is this something you can do easily - or will it end up on the back end of a long list of stuff to do - appreciate you guys are pretty busy at the moment My next problem is SSL (bl[spam-filter]dy customers!) - but I need to spend some time researching it first before I start asking questions!
  6. Had my shop go live last night - so far so good - apart from a few teething problems. However one thing has stumped me. I am trying to allow the shop to accept multiple currencies - dollar/euro as well as my shop default £ I have an exchange rate set in the currencies tab, and initially I had my PapyPal configured as "use Customer Currency". The first $ purchase from a US customer seemed to go through ok - Paypal requested the correct amount of dollars (as per the exchange rate I had set), the customer paid the correct amount and Paypal put the $s into my $ paypal account. However the shop then sent a "Payment Error" to the customer, and the back-office suggested that they had overpaid. I have attached the back-office screen capture. What it seems to have done is convert the £ amount into $ and then converted it again into $ - ie the goods were in my shop for £19 - this then showed as $35.15 - however for some reason the back-office then assumed the customer had paid $78.03 - multiplying the $35.15 by my $ exchange rate again. See attachment I then changed the status to payment accepted - which generates an email to the customer, but unfortunately doesn't remove the item from my stock - that is another problem for later! Anyway, I have since changed the PayPal configuration to "Use PrestaShop Currency" and all $ customers payments are now being calculated in $, but I am receiving all payments in Paypal in £ - this is not really what I want as I would like to receive dollars when they pay in dollars - but at least the payment process is operating without any errors. Am I misunderstanding how to use the multiple currencies feature of the shop - Would be very grateful for any advice/help.
  7. I think there is something on the back-office that turns on an email notification to the seller when an order has been placed. Take a look at the Modules Tab - scroll down to Tool and look at Mail Alerts - I think this is it.
  8. The problem seemed to be that the email address I was using for the test buyer was the same as the administrator/seller - when I set up a new test buyer with a different email address everything seemed to work and I got a full flow of emails on each stage of the process.
  9. Tried searching the forum - but came up empty handed. How do I go about changing the format of the email sent to customers as part of the order process. I think I have found the files in shop/eg/mails - but not sure which to edit. Do I edit the txt file or the html file? Or both - is the html file for those requesting a html email, and the txt file for those just wanting a plain text file - Have I just answered my own question!
  10. I only downloaded the software this Saturday (as I said the progress I have made is totally surprising me!) from your site - so I guess it is the latest module. I haven't worked out how to run this as a test system on my own PC (really need to do this - any clues on how I go about this) so I am using everything on my live host at the moment. Mightily impressed with the software by the way
  11. Really sorry - just played with the backoffice - and it is all clear to me now. Ignore the newbie!
  12. OK, just realised that as I set the test buyer up with the same email as the shop owner the emails don't seem to be sent out. After setting up a new user with a different email address I get all the confirmations on the buyer side. However nothing on the seller side. As such I guess I need to understand how the back-office works - ie are there any confirmations sent to the owner of the shop when sales are made or is this all done in the back-office. Is there a way of tracking when things have been sent - is this what the set shipping button is for? Sorry these are really basic questions, but without a manula I cannot find the answers anywhere
  13. Just wondered if someone can help me with the flow of emails following an order. I have managed to make a live order - payment accepted etc The customer gets an email from Paypal saying that payment has been made The seller (me) gets an email from paypal saying a payment has been received But there are no emails from the shop (me) to the buyer confirming their order, nor is there an email to the shop(me) telling me that an order has been placed. So the buyer has to rely on paypal (what if they pay using something other than paypal!), adn the seller has to track everything through the back office Is this the way it should work? I thought there would be some kind of confirmation emails outside of paypal? Can someone take 5 minutes explaining the work-flow of an order, or pointing me somewhere. Apart from this I am amazed at how quickly I have set up a shop
  14. OK, tried out the live version and it works - so I guess the issue is with Sandbox - and as such I assume this is how it should work
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