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  1. I tried this but it still didn't work. Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy error again.
  2. Hi I'm on and I'm trying to convert a cart into an order, but every time I click create order, I'm just taken to a blank page if I choose any other payment module except Bankwire. It will only create the order if the payment module selected is bankwire. But I need to be able to record the correct payment method.
  3. Hi All, I'm unable to add an address in the add address form (Back office) since everytime, I save it, it gives me an error that I must include First Name however that field isn't even available on the form for me to fill. I'm stuck in that mode and unable to add any addresses coz of it. Please help. url: droppedpin.net Screenshot attached
  4. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I was not able to resolve this. Can anyone else please help?
  5. Solved! there was a tag </noscript> just changed it to </script>
  6. Hi I've been able to use the script on PS but I want to use it to mass move products from one category to another, can you explain how to do it from the script? There are so many options that I'm not certain how to go about it. I want to move multiple products from one category to another. TIA
  7. Hi I use statcounter to track visit to my site but its no longer working with PS1.6, does anyone know how to make it work? I get this error now: Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy.
  8. Hey sorry we were trying to migrate one shop to another, it is up now.
  9. I've tried it but still hasn't worked. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I only want this one cms page to use that particular css in the content.
  10. I will be using that css It's here: http://vps4030.inmotionhosting.com/~droppe5/content/7-social-wall As you will see it isn't displaying properly since CSS isn't reflecting.
  11. tried it but doesn't work. The code is not there after I save the cms page. It's the only piece that isn't working.
  12. I need to add this to the code: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/dcsns_wall.css" media="all" /> but everytime I save and return to it, it goes missing from the editor and doesn't apply on the CMS page too. What should I do?
  13. thanks! it's sort of working but I'm not able to add the CSS files...I'm not sure how to.
  14. Hi I have a Jquery script that I would like to use in a CMS page. How can I do it? It doesn't seem to work if I use it directly. I've done the same on other carts but not able to do so in PS 1.6. Any help please? TIA
  15. Thanks but I see it has not been tested on 1.6 and I can't take a chance since I'm doing this myself. It looks great but please do get it tested on 1.6 so we can use it too. Thanks. I haven't tried this, but hopefully it will work. I'll try this in case I can't find anything else.
  16. Hi I want to know if I can or how I can move products between categories without individually editing them due to the high number of products. Any module or script that can do this with PS 1.6? EDIT: i found module to mass assign products to categories TIA
  17. does anyone have a PS 1.6 compatible solution?
  18. does anyone have a PS 1.6 compatible solution?
  19. It's installed and validated well on my temp site. Only error is in pricing. The default shop currency is INR, the module displays an amount in $ but it is not the same $amount if I change the currency in the shop to $. Also I'm not sure how to use the twitter card. I have the module installed, what happens next? Is this card shown if someone tweets the link to the product or there is something else that needs to be done? Its a great module and I look forward to using it successfully on the launch of my website.
  20. I've attached the working version in case anyone else wants to use this ccavenue_prestashop_1.5.6.0_bluezeal_module_v1.6.zip
  21. its working now. there was a small name mismatch in the filename and foldername. thanks!
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