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  1. Is there any possibility to change format of currency (without tax) in back office ?
  2. I attached 3 screenshots, where please take a look into price without tax (in polish it is "wpływ na cenę (netto)"): picture 1 - I enter price 50 (with tax) and click save, I go out from product picture 2 - I enter to product, to combinations and I see price without tax with comma - I change other combination (not this one) and I click save, I go out from product picture 3 - I enter to product, to combinations and I see price without tax without decimals
  3. I used polish zloty. Price without tax is displayed with commas, price with tax - dots. Of course it is only in backoffice. In front office everything is ok.
  4. Hi, In back office (panel for administrator) prices are displayed with different formats - sometimes with , sometimes with . How to change currency format in back office ? Regards
  5. I have similar problem but for polish currency. Is it a possible to change in some way this removing of decimals after few saves and different formats of currency - sometimes with ., sometimes with ,. I haven't found any solution yet.
  6. Hello, In Prestashop I have a problem regarding combinations for products. If in back office I set impact on price in attribute "price tax included" and prestashop automatically calculate price tax excluded, then after I go to next combination or I save this combination, price tax included will is recalculated on the base of price tax excluded e.g. I set price tax include in combination for 50, then price tax excluded will be automatically 40.650406. Then I click save and open more time window with this combination. The price will be changed: price tax included 49.999999, price tax excluded 40.650406. Why prestashop is changing price which I enter from 50 to 49.999999 ? Regards
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