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  1. hi sorry my mistake about the line in the tpl file i had already changed that line strange the snow goes til the bottom here ,, tested in several themes ,, perhaps you can play a little around with jsized.snow.min you can find this one , in the folder jsized.snow open and edit it with notepad++ i only added some more snow pictures to it didn't try anything else yet but perhaps one of the settings iin this file does help
  2. Hi Safa discovered this module today cause a friend asked for some snow in his shop so did install it and have tested in - 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 works like a charm many thanks for sharing this great module,, @ tdr170 i have no problems that it slows down the shops,,,, perhaps you can change in snoweffect.tpl the next line : createSnow('{$content_dir}modules/snoweffect/jsized.snow/', 60); bring it back to 40 ,, you got less snow but perhaps it helps
  3. maconl


    de bestanden welke in post #51 staan is geschikt voor versie het kan zijn dat versie 1.5.+ anders is heb er helaas nog geen tijd voor gehad om dit na te kijken en te testen @astimontas heb je ook de postcode gewijzigd in je bo ? dit staat eerder beschreven in deze post
  4. hi you can change these colors in global.css go to your theme , then folder css there you see global.css download this on to your computer and use notepad++ then go to your website use chrome , and click with your right mouse on the part you want to change choose then inspect then you see an list and points you in the direction what to change ,, before you put the global.css back make an copy from the original so whenever you make an mistake you can always go back coen
  5. niet echt frens, heb hier een shopje met tig idem namen ,, bv kaartjes en in d ebeschrijving heeft het beestje wel weer wat anders ze krijgen allemaal een ander id mee dus maakt niet veel uit
  6. normaal gesproken moet je wanneer je op bewerken klikt de naam gewoon kunnen wijzigen , je kan eens de fout melding aan kunnen zetten en kijken of je een foutmelding krijgt wellicht bepaalde rechten niet goed staan
  7. Hi Great to hear it is solved i'm here on the forum to help if and where i can , so it is ok , glad i could help and it did solve your problem coen
  8. hi , where did you this theme from ? perhaps it is made for 1.4 will test it tomorrow in a fresh install just checked the files , it is designed for version 1.4 not for 1.5 so you need some modifications when you want to use this one you can try one thing go to your theme , then modules ,, add some letters before the folder blockcart like ----xxx----blockcart and test it again
  9. hmmzzz ,, well then we have to look furder but we will wait till prestacoder let you know something to bad you changed to quick back otherwise i had take a look to it ,, anyway i jump into my bed here ,, will see your reply ok bye for now coen
  10. where did it change ? cause then have to look for another block but somewhere strange cause it is the block for that matter checked the demo but couldn't find an simular thing in the demo to see if it is in the theme
  11. oops did you put the original back ? it was ok here you had everything ok lol
  12. noo lol it came cause i just saw one button later i discovered the other two hidden somewhere when you do like abouve it will be ok
  13. ow ok where you want this one ? owww i see lol i miss two buttons well ok another try haha go to global.css look for line 371 there you see : a couple lines one of them is : position: absolute !important; delete this one if i'm right the buttons are under the view buttons when you want to center them straight under the view buttons then change in line 371 left: 0; into left: 14px;
  14. hi sorry forgot to refresh lol i see :-) now go to global.css look for line 547 you see there on line 547 : .block li a { display: block; color: #333; change this in : display: block; height: 60px; color: #333; this will straight the buttons in one line :-)
  15. in your theme and then folder css you see there global.css i just checked , i see the tabs are also not aligned well make an copy from your global.css then on line 1068 - you see display : block delete this one then on line 554 you see : .products_block li { float: left; change this in : .products_block li { float: left; width: 160px; padding: 2px; but before you do make an copy from your global.css !!!
  16. Hi , i don't know how your theme must look normal but you can find it back in the css when you use chrome you can use the right button and inspect you will see wich part css you have to change will see if i can find out ok
  17. normaal bij 777 recht van het .htaccess bestand welke tussen je prestashop files staat moet die foutmelding weg zijn als je de htaccess bedoeld buiten de root of prestashop files dan is dat de verkeerde
  18. buiten de rechten welke bepaalde bestanden en mappen moeten hebben hebben alle bestanden 644 en alle mappen 755
  19. standaard reply : welke versie ? http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192523-forum-regels-tips/page__view__findpost__p__953414 er zit namelijk verschil in en in het nederlands forum zie je toch wel eea omtrent de rechten
  20. 1: heb je alle mappen de juiste rechten gegeven 2: heb je m je cache en compile mappen leeg gemaakt ? 3: is de andere template geschikt voor je versie controleer bovenstaande eens ,,
  21. Andreas hij heeft je behoorlijk gemist hoor , hij schreef op het forum , in emails , wilde zelfs nog een bericht plaatsen bij opsporing verzocht enz
  22. het moet een nl.gzip zijn waar heb je die file vanaf gehaald ? als je versie 1.5 gebruikt dan download het taal bestand hier : http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/174558-prestashop-versie-15-nederlandse-vertaling/page__view__findpost__p__857545
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