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  1. Hi, I run my ecommerce with ps 1.7.x .... by several test I realized that in any page there are thousands of internal links.... more than enough, I gues.! Because of this I need to reduce links drastically and I thought to eliminate all the links (with depth = 1, 2 and 3) from the mainmenu. May can I get support from some of you? Furthermore, do you have others/better solutions? thanks in advance, DailyShopBay
  2. Hi, sorry for delay... What I did was to follow this link: and the comment of mysho. the file I edited was: root/translations/cldr/main--it-IT--currencies (for you can be en-US or an other one) for Euro you have to replace "symbol":"\u20ac" with "symbol":"EUR", for GBP you have to replace "symbol":"\u00a3" with "symbol":"GBP", etc... then, of course, clean the cache and it should works. You can have a look on my website: dailyshopbay On my own, I add the currency at the end but on the Google webmasters tools, I only highlight the price without the currency and it maybe works!!
  3. Hi djinni, try to replace £ with GBP, I did the same from € to EUR.
  4. Hi Snaiaja, I'm trying to display the product quantity for every product (regardless I have 1 piece or 100 pcs in stock)! I want to follow your suggestion, inserting Currently in stock: {$product->quantity}, but I don't know how to add it exactly in the product.tpl file. (/themes/classic/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/). May can you help me? https://www.dailyshopbay.com Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Finn, I'm facing the same problem; did u solve it ? if yes, can you give me some hints? Thanks, DailyShopBay
  6. Hi to all, I'm searching since several days a solution by myself but it looks a noway! on mobile devices, we display the top menu button and the main category list; however, once we click on a main category, it open an empty page (not showing products of the subcategories). Of course, on desktop version, the same main categories show produtcs from their subcategories! We use default template and PS May someone has a solution for us? our testing website is: dailyshopbay/dsb1/ Thanks in advance to you all!!!
  7. Salve e grazie per il modulo. Lo utilizziamo ormai da anni (sia su ps16 che ps17) e, ad oggi, non abbiamo riscontrato alcun problema! desidero chiedere se, nelle versioni successive, verranno aggiunte l'url ed il codice qr per consentire ai clienti il pagamento p2p (tramite app PostePay). Grazie
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