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  1. Great - may i just ak in the demo for RC4 - on the front page - it seems that the cart block covers the account text is this just my IE7 browser?
  2. That's great Philippe! However, in the meantime is there anything you can suggest in terms getting rid of this prduct now? It looks a little unprofessional and thus slightly embarassing! As usual any help is welcomed. Cheers everyone
  3. Actually no its not! It doesn't show anywhere that I can see in the back office. However, when the new products block is installed it shows up there (since it was in fact the last product defined) and if I click on it it takes me to a page deidcated to this phantom product. It is very strange and would love to know what to do! Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. Just ilke to give massive props to the prestashop team. Kudos, this is a great product and all praise richly deserved. That being said I have a funny problem. Once upon a time I defined a product and stuck in the catalog. Now...I deleted it but for some reason, it still shows up on the site. I can't locae in the catalog now and I have no clue about how to remove it from the code. All I know is the the webpage url gives it's id as product 26. Of course no 26 exists Any help pls?
  5. Is it possible to have customised product pages? By that I mean if you needed to define a list of choices or checkboxes so a person could pick the certain criteria? http://jdcwigs.com/inch-custom-lace-wig-p-81.html The above link is what I'm trying to achieve is there any way? If not can anyone suggest a work around! I'd be very grateful for any suggestions!
  6. I have configured my paypal account and done all the sttings right. Now when people try and pay the get the error Error Detected Your shopping cart is empty. There seems to be no cure! I tried installing the upgraded version of the module but then the submit form for that didn't work so I switched back! I'm tearing my hair out over this! Please help if you can!
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