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  1. Some client of mine called and complained about prices shown on my website are less then the real price of the products. I checked and the price he gets is actually the price without the vat tax. How is it possible that one client (possibly more) can not see the full price of the product on the front page? When I go to front page there is nothing wrong with the price, it is displayed as it should be. I asked many people to check for me and they did not encounter this problem either, except for this client. Does anyone know what the hell is going on?
  2. Does anyone know how to edit the elements that are printed with 'Print Order' button in back-end? Without using any module... What should I edit in order to get the printing layout I desire?
  3. Yes, I checked all that, still same problem, this is the second module that behaves this way.
  4. I have this module that is not listed inside the module list in back-end, but it is displayed on the front page. I am talking about blocktopmenu. I want to edit the elements of the menu but when I go to the blocktopmenu.tpl file there is only this: {if $MENU != ''} <!-- Menu --> <div id="block_top_menu" class="sf-contener clearfix col-lg-12"> <div class="cat-title"><div class="hidden-xs">{l s="Categories" mod="blocktopmenu"}</div><div class="visible-xs">Meniu</div></div> <ul class="sf-menu clearfix menu-content"> {$MENU} {if $MENU_SEARCH} {/if} </ul> <nav id="autentificare">{hook h="displayNav"}</nav> </div> <!--/ Menu --> {/if} How am I supposed to remove and add new elements inside the menu? When I go to positions I can see it listed right there. Is there something I can do so the module is listed again inside module list?
  5. I am trying to print some order from the back-end and when I go to printing layout (right before printing) there are some elements I do not want to print like the back-end menu as shown in the photo below. Does anyone know what should I modify in order to stop those elements from showing on my printed file?
  6. So I uninstalled a module (Smart Bill Cloud) because it was misbehaving and tried reinstalling it. After re-adding the module in back-end it does not appear in the module list at all. If it matters to mention that uninstalling didn't work, but instead I clicked the delete button. Have anyone encountered the same problem?
  7. Thanks, the module works. It creates another tab with featured products on home page. But could it be possible to unite homepage products tab with featured products tab so they will be one single continuous tab? And so the products in featured products are always displayed first?
  8. I am trying to display a product's dimension table inside the description of every product's page. There are two table files, one for each man and woman clothing. There are more than one category for each (male jackets->category id=2, male t-shirts->category id=4, etc...) I added the following code inside product.tpl: {$mancateg = array (2, 4, 6)} {foreach($mancateg as $value)} {if ($value == $smarty.get.id_category)} {include file="./men_table.tpl" products=$products} {/if} {/foreach} the code above is only for the male situation. but it doesn't work. f I write something like this the table appears, but this does not solve my problem with filtering: {if ($smarty.get.id_category != 27)} {include file="./men_table.tpl" products=$products} {/if}
  9. I tried that but with no luck. edit: nevermind, i edited the default_bootstrap theme's category.tpl instead of the actual theme used. Idk why but it worked, thank you!
  10. There is nothing there! Look for yourself: https://www.angroseria.ro/concursuri/ Do you know another template I can use and it works?
  11. There is no option about category description. I did not install any template. I am writing a description for each category in back-end 'Categories'. But when I go to front-end there is no description, only products if that is the case.
  12. I want to make it so the description of the category appears in front-end. How can I make that happen?
  13. So I am thinking about organizing a lottery for my prestashop clients. For every order I want them to receive a unique number starting with 1. I am thinking that this should go automatically and the number should be received via e-mail or via prestasms. Has anyone ever been thinking of a similar feature for prestashop?
  14. It seems there is this module that displays a list of categories from the shop inside the footer of the page. The problem is it is a loong list because subcategories were also included in this list. I don't like this at all. I tried making changes to blockcategories_footer.tpl to no avail. <ul class="tree {if $isDhtml}dhtml{/if}"> {foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree} {if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last} {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file="$branche_tpl_path" node=$child} {/if} {if ($smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.iteration mod $numberColumn) == 0 AND !$smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last} </ul> is there a way to make it so only the parent categories show up in the footer categories list? Like a $blockCategTree.parent or something..
  15. Prestools did the job! Thank you, sir!
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