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  1. We are having the same issue after upgrading. Made the GitHub changes suggested for but still get the error message.
  2. Hi There are no JS errors, debug mode is on which also shows no errors. Stressing out, is there an easy way to step through the validation to see where it fails?
  3. We have tried everything we can think of, we have even upgraded to It certainly looks like this problem started yesterday when a customer account was created manually from the admin for a customer having difficulties. Now customers can't login, register for a newsletter or anything? Authentication just isn't happening. The page just loops back to itself. Logic dictates that it must be something wrong in the database as nothing else has changed. We have another store on the same server so it can't be hosting related and we haven't changed any code for months. This is a successful store, we are happy to pay for help.
  4. Hi Musicmaster, Yes I cleared the cache. It's weird, this site has been running perfectly for years (apart from a slight issue I had when I switched the whole site to https) No code changes have happened for months. We have a few admins and after speaking to them all, the only new thing to happen since our last order (at lunchtime) is that one of the admins deleted and recreated an account for someone. I was wondering if that could of messed something in the database up?
  5. Hi, For the last few hours nobody can create an account to purchase or log into the frontend? Everything was fine until we added a customer to a new customer group this morning. He went on and purchased, but since, nobody has been able to purchase or login to their account. The login screen just loops back to itself. We have removed him from the group (as it seemed such a coincidence) and cleared all the caches but still customers can't login? We turned on debug. There are no errors. The website is gardenlightshop.com prestashop version If anybody as any ideas, or a way to test what's going on, I would really appreciate it.
  6. Hi, This question is related to Prestashop We display the manufacturer on the product page using $product->manufacturer_name. Mainly to include this in our schema. Thing is though, when using combinations, it displays the reference instead of the manufacturer. Is there a way I can force this to show the manufacturer? Thanks...
  7. Hi, I have been trying to fix this for two days now... I have read various threads on similar issues but everything I have tried hasn't worked. Basically I use the following in product.tpl to return two prices exc tax and inc tax: excluding: {convertPrice price=$product->getPrice(false, $smarty.const.NULL, 2)} including : {convertPrice price=$productPrice} Everything works fine. If I add a specific price everything works fine. If I add combinations everything works fine. If I add both, the excluding tax shows £0.02 for every combination yet the including tax price continues to work. In fact the excluding tax shows for a second before switching back to £0.02 which would lead me to believe this was something in product.js. I can't find anything though. Anybody got any ideas to point me in the right direction?
  8. Hi, I have a customer who has been trying to order. Every time he gets to the delivery screen it says there are no couriers available. If you change the email address (and nothing else) everything works fine with all the couriers showing. He also stated his son had the same problem I have looked in the database to see if there is anything unusual, double record etc but everything seems fine. The email address is a hotmail.com but there are hundreds of accounts with those. Really stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Prestashop Version is
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