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  1. I am testing the PayPay module 3.12.1 in Prestashop Below is a picture of the Order Summary Page that appears after I go through the checkout steps of signing in and choosing to pay via PayPal. How do I get the Order Summary Page to display properly instead of showing the code in the browser? Thank you!
  2. Thanks, musicmaster. I'll try that. Maybe if I delete enough "sample" images, MY images will be the ones that remain. It's astonishing to me that such a basic feature of a shopping cart has these problems.
  3. I am using version 1.7.3. In the back office, whenever I upload and save my product image, it changes back to some different generic sample image that came with the program. I tried clearing the cache after saving the new image, but either the main product cover image or the thumbnail image keeps changing to some other generic image. How do I fix this? Thank you!
  4. I am using PrestaShop and PayPal Standard 3.10.10 module. Whenever a customer checks out and clicks on the button to make a payment in PayPal, they are brought to the PayPal payment window. After they sign into PayPal in this window, they will see the following text below the Continue button: "You're almost Done. You will confirm your payment on Blair's Music" (see Image 1) When they click the continue button, they should be brought back to a Summary page on my website, see the details of their purchase, and then click another button where they can finally confirm the payment. This is NOT what happens. The problem is, when they click the Continue button in the PayPal window, the customer at that moment, commits to the purchase and is brought directly to the confirmation page (see Image 2). I've seen this problem reported over the years on this forum without an answer. Please help! What is the solution?
  5. Well I finally figured out the file I needed to change to solve my problem. It's funny that I discovered the phrase "Invoice address" in just about every file except the one that mattered! The problem was in the shopping-cart.tpl file. In the following code (and in one other line of code) I changed the word "Invoice" to "Billing." <li><h3 class="page-subheading">{l s='Invoice address'} <span class="address_alias">({$invoice->alias})</span></h3></li> So problem solved! Thank you, Scully for your time, energy, and many stabs at a solution. That was very kind of you. - Blair
  6. Good idea, Scully. Below is a picture of the "invoice Address" header that I want to change to "Billing address" Please let me know if you can't open it or see it. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I saw the lines you're referring to in that file, but they say "Choose a billing address." I'm interested in changing the header with JUST the phrase "Invoice address" (without the phrase "Choose a") I want to change it to "Billing address". There are many places that the phrase "Invoice address" occurs in the numerous Prestashop files. Please see my original post for the specific location and occurrence to which I'm referring. So far, I was able to change "Invoice address" to "Billing address" in the following files, but none of those changes gave me the result that I wanted: authentication.tpl order-address-advanced.tpl order-detail.tpl order-opc-advanced.tpl order-opc-new-account-advanced.tpl order-opc-new-account.tpl order-opc.tpl What am I missing? Anybody have any other ideas?
  8. Thanks for your response, Scully! Will you be kind enough to indicate exactly what needs to change in the order-address.tpl file? I would expect a line like {l s='Invoice address'} but I don't see any such line.
  9. I’m using version During checkout, after the customer signs in with an address, in the Shopping-Cart Summary section (part 1 of 5) there is a box that appears below the cart with following heading: Invoice Address (and in parentheses, whatever name customer creates for this address) How can I change “Invoice Address” to read “Billing Address” instead? (I thought I changed all occurrences of Invoice Address to Billing Address in about 10 different tpl files, but I must have missed something.) Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much, ets-soft! Yo' the man! It worked perfectly. Honestly, I don't think I would have ever thought to look THERE!
  11. I’m using version In the Shipping section (part 4 of the 5-part checkout) there is a link for the customer to read the Terms of Service. In the order-carrier.tpl file, line 364, there is the following code: <a href="{$link_conditions|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" class="iframe" rel="nofollow">{l s='(Read the Terms of Service)'}</a> The link points to ID 3 in the CMS database. How do I get it to point to ID 2? (I need to do this because I’ve changed names and content around in the CMS database) I’m sure the solution involves changing code in other files, which I’m happy to do. Thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Someone on this forum said that Prestashop does not require or prompt for a shipping address if the cart only contains virtual products. (I'm using version I'm confussed by this statement. I ONLY sell virtual products in my shop, which I'm testing now. Whenever I test the one page checkout process, and select Guest Checkout, it ALWAYS includes mandatory fields to be filled in under the section titled "Delivery Address." All of my products are labeled as virtual products in my back office catalog section. Is there a setting I need to change so that the "Delivery Address" section never appears in the one page checkout?
  13. Hi jayb174. I want to also add an audio sample (with player) with every item I sell using code similar to yours. Did you figure out how to do it? It seems it should work with the "Insert video" menu item of the "Short Description" section of the Product section of the Prestashop Dashboard (or some similar method.) I saw the free module in this thread, and I'm aware of the paid modules, but there must be an easy way to do this in the dashboard itself. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
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