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  1. Hi all! I was wandering if some kind soul, or 2, would be willing to spare a few moments of his or her time with me to help modify my 'New Products Block'? Basically, this is my website.. www.vinyldestination.co.za Now the front page has been modified a bit (by, who seems to be an ex-member now, Rocky). Now, all I want to try do is activate the 'New Products Block' and have it ONLY appear on the front page, and preferably in the FOOTER section of the page, so its always at the bottom of the page. So I need help getting the block into the footer, and ONLY have that block featured in the footer. Second, I then just need some help customising a bit, style wise. I would only like it to show just 1 row of about 6-8 items, and only need to show JUST the picture of the item, thats it. Just so visitors can have a quick glance at what is new, and click on the pictures to take them to the product page. Here is a link of a mock-up picture of what Im hoping to achieve... Could anybody assist or help point me in the right direction in help doing this? Thank you VERY MUCH for any help. Cheers! Simon
  2. Care to write a easy guide then for us?
  3. I sent you a PM yesterday Rocky, not sure if you got it or not? Let me know, thanks
  4. made the adjustment, but it doesnt seem to be looking as if it is working..? Will definitely make a donation. Appreciate your help.
  5. Made the code changes as you suggested in your previous post, and the result is aces! Now I would just like the sub categories to be there all the time, regardless of which sub-category you are in the Main category. Possible? Also, if I click on the 'TOYS' category button, my product list is blank with only the sub-category headings showing. Is there a way to make the TOYS button direct straight to the 'OPEN' sub-category? cheers man.
  6. Thanks man. it slowly coming along! I unfortunately, and it was my mistake, didnt make myself 100% clear in my previous post. But it seems to be working slightly how I want it. In the pic below, you will see that when I CLICK on THREADS, it takes me to the products page under threads. Even though, technically, there are no products DIRECTLY under threads, Im happy that it lists all the products from its sub-categories. Im happy with that! Im also happy with it how, above the complete THREADS product list, it gives the sub-category links above it. Im not at home at the moment to make the necessary CSS adjustments to remove the images, and just leave the text, but I was just wandering if, in the attached pic, if I can make those sub-category links appear permanently throughout the THREADS category? So you click on THREADS. - Takes you to complete product list of all sub-categories under THREADS, and shows you all sub-category links above. - Click on sub-category links, will take you to the relative sub-category product page (ie MENS), but at the same time KEEPING the sub-category links above, so you can jump to ACCESSORIES from MENS easily, and vice versa. Make a little sense? Also want the same to happen under TOYS. - have all sub-category links appear pemanently at the top throughout the TOYS sub-categories. I have made the neccessary sub-categories if it will give you a better understanding. Also, how do I completely disable the HOVER OVER action of the top menu module? Dont like it, and dont want the sub-categories to 'drop down'. Would rather want people to CLICK on THREADS/TOYS/etc and then continue with sub-categories from there. Thanks again Rocky for all your help. After all this I will have to ask you for your PayPal account so I can fund you a beer or something... Really appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. Rocky, you are a saint. Thank you for all your help! I Just have one LAST request/question.... If you dont mind. Would it be possible to, in place of those previous little headings we just took away, to replace them with text sub-category links for specific main Categories? For instance, if I click on 'Toys', I want it to direct by default to the 'Open' toys product list, and then I would then like the sub-categories appear, in TEXT, below the menu. (Open, Blind, Plush, Custom) (no hover action) And if I click on 'Threads', I want to have it direct the page to the 'Mens clothing' product page by default, and to have 'Mens', 'Womens' and 'Accessories' sub-categories appear. Pics below to show you. (the pics are mock-ups, and show how I want the site to look like) I cant seem to do this with the Menu Module I have installed, so Im guessing it can be done somehow in the 'category.tpl' file? Am I correct in assumin so? Thanks again for your help. You are a true asset to this community and to PrestShops support.
  8. Figured it out. Went into global.css and changed the width in the following code #center_column { width: 753px; margin: 0 0 30px 0; overflow: hidden } Seems to have done the job! Please correct me if Im wrong.
  9. Thanks Rocky, that seemed to have helped a bit! Though I wonder if I can remove the little heading completely? Im trying to make the site look as clean as possible, and the text there is looking a little messy now. Thanks for your help so far!
  10. Strange. Seems to have rectified itself magically. So its working again now. Phew! Hope it doesnt happen again.
  11. Hey all, ive been fiddling and tweaking my website, and now all of a sudden Im getting this error.. Link to database cannot be established. It appears when I try view my site, and also when I try access the back end of it. My site is completely inaccessible now? Anybody got an idea what could be wrong? The last thing I did, was remove the 'Category Block'. Since I had installed the Menu Header module, and didnt think I needed the side category menu as well. Once I removed the Category Block from the left column of my site, my site worked for a few minutes, then I got the error. Is the error caused by me removing the Category Block? Or is caused by something else entirely? How can I re-install the Category Block (if that IS the problem), if I cant access the back end? Urgent help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Hey all, So I wanted to make my default 3 column store layout, into a 2 column layout. So i moved my category links to the top of the site, below the header, and removed the Category box on the left. I now have only my center column, and my cart column on the right. My question is, how to I widen my Main Center column so that it now fills up the space that was previously taken up by the Category block? Does anybody know the width size that was now lost, and how to add that on to the main column now? Many thanks!
  13. hi, I also would like to know, as a guy mentioned before me, how can one get the text to not show if you want a purely graphic based navigation menu? So no text must be visible, just the gif images... Any advice? Thanks!
  14. Bump please! Any idea where I can find these modules that can give me top header category links? Thanks!
  15. http://www.vinyldestination.co.za/shop/ Thanks sorted, thanks!! That worked, thanks!
  16. Hey guys, I wander if you can help me. Im wanting to just tweak the display and layout of my site a little. First of all, there seems to be a lot of wasted space above my product list and below the header. (highlighted in red circles in the attached pics.) Is there anyway to remove that wasted space and move my product lists a bit higher? I see there is a little 'çategory heading display'. If that gets removed, will it solve the problem? Is it POSSIBLE to remove that showing up? Where in CSS files would I find the coding to erase that detail? Second, how can I move my Newsletter info block from the left hand side, to appear below my shopping cart on the right? Thirdly, how can I completely remove the 'number of items to list' box that appears on the bottom of the product list? I plan to have everything appear on one page, and therefore have no need for it, but it is still there? Thanks guys!
  17. Thanks! But where can I find these free "Top Menu" Modules?
  18. Hey there! I am wandering if anybody could please help me! I am wanting to re-do my shops layout, and the BIGGEST problem I am having is changing the location and look of my category links. Currently, the category is listed on the left hand side as text links, as below.. And I am wanting to remove them from the left column (I want to remove the column altogether actually), and place the links at the top, beneath the header image, and make them into gif images instead. Like so.... I am really struggling to do this properly, and would appreciate ANY help or direction on how I can make this adjustment as easily as possible... Please, would appreciate ANY AND ALL help! THANK YOU KINDLY! :) Simon
  19. Awesome, found the guide. thanks for your help gents. Heres the link to the guide if anyone else is interested.. http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Attributes_and_Attribute_Groups/
  20. Hey there guys, Im sure this question probably gets asked a lot, but i couldnt seem to find a recent answer. I want to sell some shirts on my site. I can add the Tshirt product, no problem, but how do I go about putting a size selector, as well as how many of each size I have? any ideas? Couldnt seem to see the option in the 'create a product' page, unless Im missing something? lol thanks! Simon EDIT : Guide to do it.. http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Attributes_and_Attribute_Groups/
  21. Hi there! I wonder if some of you could help me with some very simple tweaking.. Ive attached a pic of my front page/global layout, and Ive highlighted the things Im tying to do. I wanna REMOVE the 'Sort By' box, as well as the heading on the products page (circled) - kinda seems unnesacary. I also white to change the background colour of the left hand side navigation boxes to white. Can someone please assist in telling me which codes I need to adjust to remove those boxes, as well as changing the colour of the left panel? Will appreciate it! Thanks! Simon
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