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  1. brilliant yes works fine with firefox now and IE although lags alittle with IE but all is good when adding and editing products Thanks!
  2. running 1.61.7 shop issue is 0 (new to prestashop) and a novice. when I am entering information and creating a new product when I try to SAVE it will go back to the top of the page majority of the fields are empty and it will not save any information, this does it 20odd times, no matter if its the SAVE or the save and stay option. I have read there are a few people with this problem so surely by now someone must have an answer how to sort it out please. It is time wasting having to save and re-enter information 20 times just for 1 item... thanks for any help given. I am a novice so please be gentle with me as I am not very good with codes etc...
  3. was there any resolution to this guys? I have just set up a new shop and majority of the time after 6-10 times of hitting save it will then save - but no guaranteed promises, it will return back to the top and most fields are blank and having to re-start again, so annoying and frustrating.. thanks
  4. did this issue get resolved at all ? I seem to have come across this problem this week - newly downloaded the prestashop on the 1.6 version, all was going really well, everything working well, other day after the slider was updated with photos etc which was working, but over night some reason its got blocked by the robots.txt and will not load the images I had working on it but reverted back to the template photos on the slider.. which have been deleted strangely enough...
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