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  1. i released v9.1.9 of productcomments module- added fixes to position displayProductExtraContent- comments widget on list of products shows numer of ratings instead of average grade
  2. Hey, it is an reviews module, not a "q&a (query and answers) module the module has an option to turn off possibility to add a review by unlogged users. If you will enable this option - each review will have an email
  3. there are no comments added during date: https://i.imgur.com/J1X0yeh.png even if i will change these stars to small stars, the design will be crashed too because it is an issue of poor classic theme construction
  4. Problem z zaczepem displayOrderConfirmation

    dotyczy to każdego modułu płatności, czy tylko wybranego? najprawdopodobniej jest tak, że Twój moduł płatności nie wywołuje teog hooka
  5. i've got an addon that will accept only multiplied values of product for example 6,12,18,24 etc. it is a minimal product quantity module
  6. do you use some specific module to mark product as "comming soon" or you just use default prestashop's features ?
  7. Access to shop by customer groups With this prestashop module you can block access to shop for selected groups of customers. If customer that browses the shop will be associated with at least one group without an access to your online shop - module will block possibility to browse it and customer will see maintenance page.
  8. new version released! - added improvement where you can select order statutses - module will send reminder about comments for order that have selected status. So now module will not send reminders for orders with status "cancalled" or "refunded" etc. - added feature to decide if you want to repeat a reminders, or not.
  9. as you know - with this module you can limit total product qty purchases to specific time-frame. From now you can create a daily limit - daily limit of product quantity purchases - weekly limit of product quantity purchases - monthly limit of product quantity purchases - annual limit of product quantity purchases - total product quantity purchases limit (no time limit)
  10. Module to create products feed for Facebook dynamic ads purposes This is an addon dedicated for PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and also new PrestaShop 1.7. With this plugin you can create .csv file with your store products' feed. This file fully supports Facebook Dynamic Ads products catalog guidelines so you can import products easily to your facebook business account products feed. Detailed products feed Module allows to create .csv file with Products and also with all products' variants (combinations) - Thanks to this you can build detailed products feed - each variant of product (combination) will be treated as an unique product. Addon allows to create feed based on selected language. Filter results Module by default exports whole catalog. If you want you can use filters. Thanks to this feature you will be able to export: - products from selected manufacturer - products from selected supplier - products from selected category details about the module you can find here: PrestaShop module - Facebook dynamic ads products feed
  11. najprawdopodobniej w katalogu modułu w szablonie tj. /themes/szablon/modules/cashondelivery/ tam są pliki .tpl i jest wielce prawdopodobne, że modyfikacja plików .tpl odbyła się tam
  12. released new version of the module: - added fixes to french tranlation pack - added italian translation pack (thanks to miafliglia)
  13. new version of module is ready - finally it supports prestashop 1.7
  14. Product images zoom in FancyBox for PrestaShop 1.7 If you are not happy with default images zoom in PrestaShop 1.7 you can back to fancybox feature used in PrestaShop 1.6 Module from this offer disables standard non-responsive images zoom tool and enables fancybox feature. Exactly as it was in old prestashop 1.6. module is responsive and open a popup window that fits to screen size, zoomed pictures will have the best possible size. more details about module you can find here: Product images zoom in FancyBox for PrestaShop 1.7
  15. this is theme issue (classic theme is a crap) - prestashop should fix it but they dont want to.