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  1. Thanks for the advice. I talked to the hoster and they fixed my problem
  2. Thanks for the reply, it does not give me any error now, but it used to say something about error 500 or 550. I tried several ways of uploading the file but no success. I wonder what would be the problem ...
  3. hello 1. I need to upload the translated e-mails sent to the costumer in /mails/ro but it would not let me do that because of an error. Anyone any suggestions on how could i upload the files? 2. How to reduce the number of products that appear on the Top Seller block?
  4. Salutare. Problema mea suna in felul urmator, de fapt problemele ... 1. Am nevoie sa uploadez pe server traducerile pentru mailuri dar nu ma lasa. De fapt nu ma lasa sa modific nimic din interiorul folderului /mails, nici macar atibutele sale. Care sa fie oare problema? 2. La block-ul de Promotii, de unde trebuie sa bag promotii sau ce trebuie sa fac sa apara ceva in acel block? 3. Cum fac sa apara in lista de top seller mai putine produse. Acum apar 5 dar as dori sa apara numai 2. Mersi anticipat! Sergiu
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