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  1. Yeas there are PayPal and Checkout Finland. How and what i have to do now?
  2. Hello, I have a PrestaShop e-commerce. The address is www.netz.fi When products have been added to your cart and it is time to pay. Shown payment buttons unclearly, and the paypal logo does not appear at all. Payment Intermediary is Checkout Finland and Paypal. I have asked this problem to Checkout Finland and they directed me here. What is wrong? I added the image as a file attachment. Then, I have another problem. How do I get to shopping cart site, which you can add a discount code / coupon? Thank you.
  3. I have PrestaShop e-commerce. When you put product to shopping basket and try get paid it in Paypal. Page goes crazy and looks like this http://www.netz.fi/modules/paypal/express_checkout/payment.php You can try do the purchase transaction until you press the paypal button, then something goues wrong. URL is www.netz.fi What is wrong with paypal? Othe payments working well.
  4. Hey, I should add online payment button in my store. I need the key pair (public key). How do I get it?
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