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  1. Hi all, I want to use office 365 for our mail enviroment, bt when is set all mail settings to office 365 the ordering process is very slow, probebly caused by the secure mail connecting STARTTLS encryption, is there a module or something else to get the order valitdatied quickly and mail send asynchrome? Order is wating on conformation of mail send i guess, with php mail all is fine. Prestashop 1.6.17
  2. Is there any update on this very annoying bug of feature?
  3. Same here, try to add a combination and screen freezes for 2-3 minutes and save button still turning. Pfff pretsa come on...
  4. Is thee any update, or should we make a bug request for the devs, such a basic function ... pffff
  5. Prestashop When I open my site with cleared bowser cache the site appears in US instead of the settings I set in local settings (see screenshot) When I do F5 al is ok, why is presta not starting in first load as set in local settings?
  6. Nobody any clue why at first load prices are without taxes and with F5 taxes show up
  7. When I clear my browser cache and goto www.hqdrones.com i see prices without taxes, When I do F5 (refresh) prices are correct incl taxes. Why does prestashop shows the prices from the start with taxes? When I close browser and open and go to shop all is fine, when I clear cache close browser and open it agian and goto site all prices are without taxes. F5 to fix this agian. I did test with all caching of, same isseu. Is there some cookie that is not read when first opening the site or tax apply code not working at first site loading? ** Edit Presta takes US as first country at first load, default is set to NL in localization, default country = Netherlands Why takes presta US as country at first load????
  8. When i go to www.hqdrones the defautl language looks like US because US is the only country were products shows without tax Settings are below with default country is NL And in shopping cart default US is selected, when I change this to NL all pricing is good in the shop How can I set for new customers default country to NL instead of US?
  9. How can you set the H2 tag to product title or description?
  10. Hi all, I got something strange and can't get is solved. In the attached picture you can see that you can see with the MOZ tool for the homepage the H1 tag is not filled and for H2 shopping cart information So two questions, first how can I add the meta data to the home page for the H1 tag? And second question the H2 tag is on every page filled with "Product successfully added to your shopping cart • There are 0 items in your cart. There is 1 item in your cart." How can I find why or how the H2 tag is filled with cart info?
  11. Hi all, I noticed in my prestashop backoffice that the orders are messed up, Invoiced created from back end got no products, wrong dates wrong carriers and wrong amounts Mail to customer is ok with information but invoice and delivery slip pdf created from backoffce got wrong information Could this be a issue of deleting test orders with the free mypresta delete tool so that order id's are messed up or something else in the DB? See attached screenshot. Order was placed on 01-31 and delivery slip date and invoice date are at 01-09
  12. Is there a option to add a product location like shelf 6 row 5 tray 3 what only shows is the picking order slip?
  13. Nobody any info about the warehouse selection?
  14. Hi all, Which part of the code or logic is behind the ASM warehouse selection if you have two warehouses with one shop. I want to manual select a warehouse as closed so only one warehouse is used for a period op time. Anybody who can point me in the right direction (of the warehouse selection code)?
  15. Can anybody tell me which part of the code is responsible for the warehouse "random" selection?
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