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  1. Actually we are using ajax based custom search. At one time it searches only 1 product at a time. So search is ok(in regard of slowness), but its not searching the products. I added 1400 products using CSV file. All 1400 products were imported. Firstly they were not showing in backend also. Then i updated product_lang and product_shop table. It started showing products in backend but still not searching in front end search box. If i open a product and just clieck save. it comes in search list. i hope you understand the issue.
  2. Thanks Apium for the quick reply. I have re-indexed the products. Still it don't show the results while i search the products. Right now the Indexed products count is 203834 / 203864. Still it is not searching. But when i open a product which is not searchable and just Save it, it starts showing there in search. Can you please let me know what issue could be there? Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I am using prestashop version Right now i am facing an issue. Products in my site are not indexing properly. When i go to product section, it show me 205093 products, while in in search it shows : Indexed products 160339 / 203864. no count is matching with each other. Can anyone suggest me any idea how i can get this resolved? Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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