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  1. Caut modul de Tranzila, nu de mobilpay
  2. Caut programator care sa creeze un modul de plata Prestashop pentru Tranzila. PM aici sau rechinashu pe yahoo . com Va rog includeti costul estimativ Multumesc
  3. same thing with the new version on my other flower website: http://www.floribucuresti.net
  4. Me again... am I the only one who has this problem? The address is paypal.com/fr/ I want it to be EN
  5. Hello I was wondering if I could change the PayPal first page language when a user tries to pay via PayPal. The defaul language is French. Can't i change it to English? Thank you!
  6. Even Prestashop Demo has wrong header orders, according to Raven Tools: * h1 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h2 * h3 * h4 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h5
  7. It would be nice to know this I am waiting too for any answers ... Thanks, Radu.
  8. Hello world! Hello Presta team! Nice work! I absolutely love presta! Just one SEO problem: How can I change the header order in my source? according to Raven Tools, I scored 80 points because of the wrong order of my headers. The curent order is: * * h1 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h2 * h4 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h5 * h4 * h4 * h4 * h5 Can you help me solve this tiny bug? My website is http://www.floricluj.com (flower delivery ) Thanks in advance, Yours, Radu B from Cluj, Romania
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