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  1. Hi Mike,


    maybe you can help...

    I have problems with (sub)categories. First categorie I can view, but if I try to go to the nect page or subcategorie I get the message 'There are no products.' while there are a lot of in there.


    The link isn't right because it has something extra like thiscategory.php?id_category=44#/

    If I delete #/ all things goes fine.


    Where can I cange this?

    I work with PS


    With older versions there wasn't any problem...


    Thanks in advance,


  2. I bought this poll (survey) module, but after support by it's owner and trying by myself I send it right to 'delete' because it doesn't work well in 1.4.4.

    Lost my money without any luck.


    Add an other Poll now which looks like for me as I wish.

    Bought also an auction from the same owner and you find it in my webshop. Looks no good....

    I want to share my experiences with others in this forum....



  3. ixthemes offers so many fun and meaningful opportunities for my (and your) shop that I use this forum to give a compliment to the designer Alexander.

    However, in the beginning it was difficult, but he gives an excellent service and I am now quite used to work with.

    I do not regret that I have found this opportunity.




  4. Bought this great module and installed it without any problem! However I want to know some more.

    How long takes it for Marketplace Synchronization (example broadband) is done?
    Minutes, hours or days?

    I have a Dutch Presta Shop and a Dutch eBay (shop) account. To connect my eBay Account it isn't possible with sandbox and it don't brings me to my Dutch login but on an English eBay login page.

    I use prestashop 1.4.3

    Some help will be great!


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