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  1. MANY MANY MANY Thanks to you Sir 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
  2. Hello, please, Can anybody help what to do with same problem on PS1.6.1.4? What have I change in CSS? Thank you very much vasekcekal
  3. Vekia, please, do you know why this solution doesn't work for 1.6 version?
  4. Solution - just commute hooks in homepage
  5. Řešil jste někdo Font v FO? Naše znaky Ú, Ů, É, Š, Č, Ř vypadají tučněji než okolní znaky
  6. Jde to když si pohraješ s nastavením. Viz. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/317409-tutorial-classic-3-columns-theme/
  7. WoW, Master! I don't understand why were problem in blocksearch cause in this module I didn't do any changes Thank you very much!!
  8. I already tried this! I don't understand Also I don't know why doesn't work Homeslider I tried re-install all, upload again on FTP and still doesn't work...
  9. Of course, here is my test site http://15713.w13.wedos.ws/
  10. Hello I didn't change anything in layered navigation module o.O Now it works better than with URL which looks like http://domain.XX/id-category?p=2 -> with this if you press next page whole page reloaded With new URL style it doesn't reload whole page, it is better Now it works for me also with # in URL.. I don't know why it didn't work last time Thank you Master!!
  11. I use Windows 7 - Mozilla 28. But it already works! o.O Did you do something with that? Now make this URL: http://domain.XX/id-category?p=2 But before it have some weird URL with #, like http://domain.XX/id-category#/page-2/ and it doesn't work o.O Did you do with this something?
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