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  1. hey, can you also please tell me how to do this? i tried commenting out with {* and *} and the beggining and end of the content but still no luck..
  2. ? obviously you didn't understand what i meant. it's called open-source in the first place. sure, you use it to make money for yourself, but if all the cms that respect themselves have integrated the 'fb connect' free of charge, hell joomla has 20, half of them free and great, it's a bit weird that prestashop hasn't offered at most 1. catch my drift? offer prestashop for free and charge for the good modules. that's theft. u know what 'theft' means or would you like me to "share it with you LOL"?
  3. then why not pay also for prestashop? he's saying it's not fair because joomla or drupal have dozens of free 'facebook connect' modules
  4. Buna ziua, recent mi-a murit reclama pe un site care imi aducea extrem de multi clienti si acum caut sa inregistrez magazinul pe mai multe site-uri, gen cauti.ro sau allshops.ro pentru, evident, clienti. Mi se da un script care trebuie adaugat pe homepage, dar nu am gasit niciun modul care sa imi permita asta. Ca si cum as vrea sa pun pentru trafic.ro..practic, asta e intrebarea: Cum pot pune linkuri in partea de jos a paginii, linkuri gen trafic.ro? Multumesc pentru timp..
  5. Well, i had a big problem with my hosting service, when i tried to translate something, anything, the page went blank and the 'fixed it', or so they say..but i spent already a few hours working on this website and the easiest way to deal with the problems that keep on coming, i guess, is moving it to another hosting provider. Thanks for the help and answers, have a nice day
  6. Nope, i translated it from the blockcart section in translations and after i checked it, it showed that the field modified, but in the Front end, it remained the same. Also, i modified in that tpl file, the 'cart' word to 'cos' (in my language), but still it doesn't make the update on the website..any other ideas why this is not working?
  7. Hey, i'm using the regular blockcart and i can't seem to update the language, from 'cart' i need to rename it into my own language for obvious purposes. Problem is: i updated the translations in the back-end and everything worked fine except this word, CART. It's pretty annoying and i'm thinking about modifying the .tpl or another file that may change directly this word. Can you please help me? Appreciate it, Mike
  8. ok, i just fixed problem, in global.css -> from #header {width:800px; margin:auto; padding:1em 0;} to #header {width:800px; margin:auto; padding:2em 0;} and it moved the whole thing down. thank you for your help! Have a good one
  9. you were very specific and thank you for that but problem is: i don't have that #page tag...but still, i can't seem to find it anywhere in the file.. global.zip
  10. can you be more specific please? i'm looking at it but i cand't seem to figure out where exactly to put that...
  11. Hi, this is my first question to the Prestashop Comunity, if someone can help, i would really appreciate it: I searched and found a free theme offered by templatemonster and I installed it on my store, which is 1.3.2 although the theme is created for 1.2.5. I said i'd give it a try and what do u know, it works fine, but one thing, in the upper part of the store, the "access my account" link is not visible. Do you know how i could "slide" the whole store an inch down, because if it's working fine there's no reason for me do downgrade to 1.2.5, right? Cheers! Mike
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