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  1. It shows again Free Shipping for both last ranges.
  2. Hello, there is a strange issue with the Add to Cart button on mobile devices only for certain products. For example for this product: http://skygearstore.com/home/392-dji-mavic-pro-fly-the-most-combo.html and here is working: http://skygearstore.com/micro-less-than-130mm/381-dji-spark-alpine-white.html I've tried to disable Ajax in the Cart module, but it totally disables the Add to Cart functionality. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. I'm clearing the cache after any change I make. For carts with less than 30 euros it's showing the correct price for every carrier. The issue is only when it's more than 30 euros.
  4. Hello, I've got the following configuration for my Premium Carrier: but when the purchase is > 30 I've got the following "Free shipping" for both carriers. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
  5. There's a module called Carrier Assigner! The issue is that once you've assigned a carrier to a products there's no option to unassign them I'm looking for an easy way to reset all carriers.
  6. I want to remove all the abandoned carts, because they're blocking products to be bought.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to delete the cart older than 1 hour with the following query: $sql = "DELETE psez_cart_product FROM psez_cart_product JOIN psez_cart ON psez_cart.id_cart = psez_cart_product.id_cart WHERE DATE(psez_cart.date_add) < DATE_SUB( NOW( ) , INTERVAL 1 HOUR)"; and $sql = "DELETE FROM psez_cart WHERE DATE(psez_cart.date_add) < DATE_SUB( NOW( ) , INTERVAL 1 HOUR)"; but the condition doesn't work, it is always executed. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!
  8. Hello, I've got a strange rounding issue in product-item.tpl. Here's the code: {if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if} and then in product.tpl: {convertPrice price=$productPrice} and {assign var='productPrice' value=$product->getPrice(true, $smarty.const.NULL, $priceDisplayPrecision)} How can I avoid the rounding? Thank you!
  9. Hola, tengo un redondeo raro en la página de product-item.tpl. Este es el código: {if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if} en cambio en product.tpl tengo: {convertPrice price=$productPrice} y {assign var='productPrice' value=$product->getPrice(true, $smarty.const.NULL, $priceDisplayPrecision)} Como puedo obtener el precio del producto sin el redondeo? Gracias.
  10. The strange here is that all the category pages are using the exact same files which I've already check. I've found something else that I don't understand. The links in the category menu is generated as http and when you click on some of them it redirects to https. Why it doesn't generate them as https in the beginning? Thank you!
  11. Hello, I've got the following mixed content error: The strange thing is that I've got 9 category pages, and it happens only in 4 of them, having the same header, footer and product-list.tpl. Any ideas?
  12. Hello, I've successfully injected a meta tag from the body, but the facebook open graph debugger doesn't see it. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!
  13. Hello, this is the js error that is showing after submitting a comment in the smart blog module posts: test9:4 Uncaught ReferenceError: baseDir is not defined at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> (test9:4) at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (v_35_127ade7….js:3) at HTMLButtonElement.r.handle (v_35_127ade7….js:3) Any ideas?
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