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  1. Hello, I've got strange issue with 100% width of product list in invoice. In prestashop 1.7 in /pdf/invoice.product-tab.tpl We have: {if isset($layout.before_discount)} <th class="product header small" width="{$layout.unit_price_tax_excl.width}%">{l s='Base price' d='Shop.Pdf' pdf='true'} <br /> {l s='(Tax excl.)' d='Shop.Pdf' pdf='true'}</th> {/if} and: {if isset($layout.before_discount)} <td class="product center"> {if isset($order_detail.unit_price_tax_excl_before_specific_price)} {displayPrice currency=$order->id_currency price=$order_detail.unit_price_tax_excl_before_specific_price} {else} -- {/if} </td> {/if} i've wanted to remove this column so i remove this code but after generting invoice pdf, table is not 100% width. Any ideas why? This column is added when someone order promotion products.
  2. it was pre-order module and not working prestashop option which mislead me (deactivate non prestashop modules)
  3. founded in '[youradmindirectory]/autoupgrade/tmp'
  4. Doesn 1-click upgrade module save log somewhere? If so, where?
  5. Prestashop: My shop had Allow ordering of out-of-stock products set to YES, but now, i wanted to change it to NO so in: Preferences -> Products -> Product Stock -> Allow ordering of out-of-stock products ------ i've changed it to 'NO' and it was working for about 4 minutes and after that it still have option turned to 'NO' but it doesn't work. I've tried with dev/prod mod and it always revert my changes. Had someone issue like this? I was removing caches, overwrite src and classes directories with new ones, yet still it is wrong. I also did: UPDATE `ps_product` SET `out_of_stock` = 1; UPDATE `ps_stock_available` SET `out_of_stock` = 1; which also was working.... but after few minutes again, everyone can order products that are out of stock. Any idea why it doesn't keep changes (but it keep in BO)?
  6. Is it possible to use 2 stocks from 2 warehouses? Example: Product exist in local warehouse (supplier) and other warehouse (supplier) and set to use both stocks. So if product in local is 0 in stock but in other supplier exist, prestashop will use the second stock? And if it possible, how to make it?
  7. prestashop 1.7 got option to change siret to required. But it's not working. Bug reported here: give vote for it, please
  8. If shop got option enabled "B2B", in registration are 2 new fields, company and siret (tax number). They are optional, but in admin -> localization -> Countries and choosing destination country - siret can be set to required <- but if it is set, it doesn't change anything. Still in registration, siret is optional.
  9. Go to admin -> modules -> installed modules -> and find "Category tree links" module which have description "Adds a block featuring product categories." Hit 'configure' and check: Sorting to 'position Next find installed module named "Faceted search" with description "Displays a block allowing multiple filters" Enter configure and check: Show products from subcategories to NO
  10. new version will cover this issue https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/120138548800cebb4ee16a38d831733c8d4285b1
  11. solution is in modules: ps_categorytree <- check 'sorting' for 'position' ps_facetedsearch <- show products from subcategories, check: "no" (looks like bug in this module)
  12. In 1.7.1 this problem still exist, also in newest version 1.7.2 Fresh install on XAMPP and debian apache and $dir.$locale.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$tpl this outputs: string(73) "C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop_171\PrestaShop/themes/classic/templates\\index" double slashes before index spcifically: $locale is empty and $dir outputs: "C:\xampp\htdocs\prestashop_171\PrestaShop/themes/classic/templates\" and then again is DIRECTORY_SEPERATOR it works correctly when return looks like this: return $dir.$locale.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$tpl.$this->extension; OR return $tpl.$this->extension; OR return $dir.$tpl.$this->extension; OR return $locale.$tpl.$this->extension; any help how to correct this without editing core files? or maybe it's bug and there is just missing $dir in return in front of line 57 return $locale.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$tpl.$this->extension;
  13. Admin Panel -> (Improve) International -> Language Export , choose lang and theme yet for me this throws errors. In my case i can't find information, how to add csv language file to theme directories, maybe you know the answear?
  14. Hello, When i see old version of this module (cms custom blocks) i see there was a list, where it was possible to add multiple blocks with text, html(?). Right know i can add only one block and position it to hooks OR maybe i can't find a way to add more custom blocks? OR the right way is to copy this module and name it diffrently to add more custom blocks?
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