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  1. anyone care to make this template fully compatible with prestashop 1.4?
  2. no i haven't upgraded yet because i have to many modifications to my actual version of prestashop and the current version brings to little so it worth the effort, i manage to solve my problem by altering ps_category_product in my dband fix some duplicated positions(i have no clue how they got duplicated, probably a bug).
  3. same problem with prestashop 1.4.017, anyone have any fix or ideea how can we solve this?
  4. same thing happens to me too, im using prestashop 1.4.017, you?
  5. My page loading time using http://tools.pingdom.com/?url=http://www.ceasuridemana.biz&treeview=0&column=objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true is around 11 seconds, i have caching enable and all optimizations enabled, htaccess generated, etc. I love the one page and guest checkout new function but the loading time its horrible...
  6. Anyone know if Prestashop 1.4.1 loading time is faster then 1.4.017? As i noticed 1.4.017 loading time is pretty big and after spending one mouth of modifying my theme and doing allot of 1.4.017 modifications the loading time is the only reason i find to upgrade. Thank you.
  7. Try setting in Back Office > Preferences > Products > Default order by: Position inside category
  8. for some reasons it seems that no matter what settings i apply to my store they dont save even after getting the "Status update successful" message, no error message or anything like this. Settings dont apply neither in bo or fo. Please help. p.s. last major modifications i brought to my store was to disable english language (disable, not delete) do to duplicate content.
  9. thats exactly what i want, im sorry im a bit tired (its 5 AM here). What prestashop version do you have and what paypal module version? Im using prestashop and PayPal module 2.14 maybe thats why i cant make it work....
  10. What prestashop version are you using and what paypal module version? Im using prestashop and paypal 2.4.
  11. I will try to be more explicit, my store default currency is RON(my store currency isnt supported by paypal), paypal currency is set as USD so when i chose PayPal as payment method its converting the amount my customer has to pay in RON in USD, everything is working good until my customer return to shop where all the prices are displayed in USD and not RON any more. P.S. i tried to add $cookie->id_currency = intval(Configuration::get('PS_CURRENCY_DEFAULT')); as last line in /modules/paypal/standard/redirect.php with no luck. EDITED: after reading your blog once again, "issue 2" is exactly what's happening, customer losing its currency after completing or cancel the order.
  12. Thank you for answering, in paypal 2.4 there is now redirect.php in main folder. There is one redirect.php file in /modules/paypal/standard, i edited and added: // check currency of payment $customercurrency = $cookie->id_currency; if ($currency_order->id != $currency_module->id) { $cookie->id_currency = $currency_module->id; $cart->id_currency = $currency_module->id; $cart->update(); } and $cookie->id_currency = $customercurrency; by the end of the file ( there is no end of script as indicated in your blog ) but when i return to my shop the currency is still in USD and not my default shop currency
  13. Exista posibilitatea da a face sortarea implicita la prestashop in functie de pozitia in categorie si nu de ID-ul produsului (crescator)? In momentul asta sortarea implicita pentru magazinul meu este in functie de cantitate (descrescatoare), dar daca nu exista produse cu cantitate peste 0, sortarea se realizeaza in functie de ID-ul produsului. din cate observ, motorul de sortare prestashop lucreaza in doua moduri: ceea ce setezi in Back Office>Preferences>Products>Default order by: (ceea ce setezi), si in acelasi timp in functie de ID-ul produsului(crescator).
  14. Is there any way to make the default prestashop sorting to be made by position in category and not by product ID ascending? At the moment my shop default sorting is by quantity / descending but if there are no products with quantity above 0 the sorting is by product ID. From what i can see the the prestashop sorting engine is working in 2 ways, what you set in Back Office > Preferences > Products > Default order by: ( what you set ) and in the same time by product ID ascending.
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