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  1. Hi everyone, I sure am impressed with the quality of sites that PrestaShop can create and wow, there sure is a lot to it with so many features and tools. Most I do not even understand. I very much would like to create a descent website and assume PrestaShop would be a perfect tool to do this, but with no experience with it I am curious in anyone's opinion how long or how hard would it be to grasp a reasonable understanding on how to create a half descent site with PrestaShop? I have lots of experience with Web Expressions, notepad html and Weebly, so not totally unfamiliar with HTML or CSS, etc, but there is things in PrestaShop I have never even heard of. I currently am using WordPress but there is not a lot that can be accomplished using it. I appreciate any input......I am basically a fast learner and have a lot of time on my hands. Thanks very much. Dave
  2. Ok thank you Bellini13, Yes since I sent the question Siteground did take care of it for me. It was a left over .htaccess file that was causing the problem. Now that I think about it, of course it would be Siteground's problem, lol. I sure wish I had more know-how in all this, PrestaShop looks to be a fantastic tool with so many features. Maybe at a later date when I am more experienced. Thanks again. Dave
  3. I am at a total loss! I have no business being a PrestaShop user, it was just a offer that directly followed my registration of new domain from Siteground. Please if anyone has anything I would appreciate your expertise. Thank you. Dave
  4. First....forgive my ignorance. I am not even sure I am in the right place to get help with this issue. All this is very new to me. I just installed PrestaShop directly after registering a new domain through Siteground Web Hosting Services. I have decided after looking PrestaShop over it is far too advanced for my needs and I am going to use WordPress to build my website with the new domain. However, when I try to install WordPress within my Siteground account, I am getting an error telling me that an installation already exists with that name. I am assuming PrestaShop was installed into my web director and when trying to install WordPress it is detecting that a domain extension already exists with that name. I hope I am making sense.....bare with me, all this is very new to me and I am far from an expert, more of a very uneducated new user in the matter. When I am in Siteground's Cpanel relating to the new domain, and choose to install WordPress I am taken to the proper installation page.....but, there is no mention of any other WordPress installations. I am assuming I need to uninstall the current PrestaShop installation before I can install WordPress, but am unsure where to go to do this. Is this something that needs to be done within PrestaShop or in my Siteground account? I have found no option in either. Please feel free to ask me questions as I imagine I have not explained myself very well. Thank you in advance. Dave
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