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  1. Nothing helps. These modules can't be found in database and in ftp, but they are displayed in backoffice as uninstalled. I think it needs to be edited some admin template files to hide these modules (because there are advertisements from ADDONS, that can't be remowed)
  2. After clicking delete button the module is not dissapearing, and is showing in the list as uninstalled. prestashop talking about
  3. How to absolutely remowe uninstalled modules from the list? Because when deleting them, they are showing as uninstalled, and not dissappearing absolutely. And also how to remowe icon "modules list" from the breadcrumb in bo?
  4. I have upgraded prestashop from 1.2.5 to and now PHP MAIL sending not working. I get this error: Sending failed using mail() as PHP's default mail() function returned boolean FALSE Please Help! How to fix this?
  5. Please help, I have this problem too. I can set any email, mydomain, or gmail, and i receive the same error: Sending failed using mail() as PHP's default mail() function returned boolean FALSE How to fix this?
  6. Sometimes i got webservice prompt box in homepage with text: A username and password are being requested by ....Welcome to PrestaShop Webservice... The webservice function is disabled in back office. I don't know why i am getting this and how to disable it. I got this sometimes not every time i click on homepage. Prestashop
  7. Please help someone. Need to add link to homepage in categories module. Code of tpl file blockcategories.tpl [removed][removed] <!-- Block categories module --> {l s='Categories' mod='blockcategories'} {foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree} {if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child} {/if} {/foreach} [removed] // <![CDATA[ // we hide the tree only if JavaScript is activated $('div#categories_block_left ul.dhtml').hide(); // ]]> [removed] <!-- /Block categories module --> category-tree-branch.tpl > {$node.name|escape:html:'UTF-8'} {if $node.children|@count > 0} </pre> <ul> {foreach from=$node.children item=child name=categoryTreeBranch} {if $smarty.foreach.categoryTreeBranch.last} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='true'} {else} {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='false'} {/if} {/foreach} </ul> <br> {/if
  8. How to reorder products in homefeatured? I need that products will be shown in homefeatured the same order like in admin home category. Now products are shown by ID number. When i change products position in home category it doesn't work in homefeatured. Prestashop 1.2.5
  9. Maybe i don't understand where to "add this to the invoice() function" ? I have found already this code in " * Invoice header */ public function Header() { global $cookie;
  10. sorry, but not working. When i tried to replace code in the example, where You write, that place makes blank.
  11. I need this because in Lithuania (my country) is this standard of invoices. I have tried to do this by editing PDF.php file in classes, but nothing goog happens, because i dont know what really code i need to take from one place to other, and what code to delete.
  12. Please help. Need to place Shop information in the place of delivery info in PDF invoice. And delivery information needs to be deleted. I am using prestashop 1.2.5
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