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  1. Hello people I have bamegamenu and since yesterday I cannot edit/save any menu. It gives me a page not found error most of the times. Can you see the video below please? https://youtu.be/15JsJsUNZoo Can anyone help? I also have tinymce pro installed for some time. I relly need to edit the content for the company I work for... Thank you Luis
  2. Hello This might seem a strange request but here it goes... I want to start a shop where the order id´s start at 10000 and go increasing. So first order is order 10000. This is because I have a first shop and have a payment option that uses order id to communicate to the shop. So if my second store starts at order id=0, I would never know where the payment comes from. Can anyone help me here. All I want is: orders with id to 10000 come from shop 1 orders with id > 10000 come from shop 2 Thank you
  3. Hello to all I´m trying to use smartblog but in the repositorie I can´t find the search module. Can anyone one help me or give me a link to download it please? Thank you! It´s not here: https://github.com/smartdatasoft?tab=repositories Best Regards Luis
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