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  1. Hi, I am just wondering how easy, where and what in core I have to change to have filter values in page(meta) title ? For example: I have category tshirts - and color attributes. I need to have <title>Blue Tshisrt</title> in html.... At the moment prestashop is not generating any filter values to H1 and meta data. I found category meta are generated in function getCategoryMetas() in classes/Meta.php how I can access variable of active filters here? Thanks for help!
  2. Hi all, please could anyone advise how on correct alphabetically sorting of values in faceted search blocks? I am using PS 1.7.7 and seems like values are not sorted correctly. As you can see on image latin extended and lower case are on the bottom after A...Z. It is both for features and manufacturers. Please where in core or module I have to make changes to correct sorting? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for developer with js skills. I need customization of blocklayered so all links and urls: http://www.site.com/1-category-name#/manufacturer-name http://www.site.com/1-category-name#/size-value http://www.site.com/1-category-name?selected_filters=manufacturer-name http://www.site.com/1-category-name?selected_filters=size-value will be presented as: http://www.site.com/1-category-name/manufacturer-name http://www.site.com/1-category-name/size-value or http://www.site.com/1-category-name/manufacturer-name/size-value Please PM me with estimated cost and time for this customization. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I installed new PS 1.6 and have issues with block layered filter. For example when I open category and choose some value from filter, it shows all matching products on one page... pagination and button "show all" dissapear... If I remove filter and select again, it comes ok with pagination. The main issue is that I have arround 5000 products in category with lot of feature, it works fine and fast on VPS but when I try select filter where is more then 1000 matching products then reloading gif freeze and the error in log is that memory was exhusted even if I set memory limit to 1GB on my server... coz it is trying show all matching products... BUT if i first select filtr with 100 products and cancel, then select with 1000 products it comes ok... I tried update blocklayered, also new js. from github, disable nice url but the issue is still same, reinstall PS but with no luck.... any idea? Thanks to all!
  5. Hi, Im wondering how to split categories with lot of subcategories to more columns...? For example show 10 subcategories in next 2 columns? http://prntscr.com/4piswv your advice is appreciated as this doesn't look so nice. Thank you very much!
  6. sorry but your file didn't fix the issue... Is there any way to fix this redirection? thanks!
  7. Hi, my prestashop is running on VPS with 3 cores, 4GB and SAS HDD.... innodb and nginx Multishop enabled for 2 domains, 2 languages, around 500 categories and 30k products with possible attributes the problem is when you try reach category with blocklayered: 869.74 ms SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE COUNT(DISTINCT p.id_product) nbr, lpa.id_attribute_group, al.name attribute_name, agl.public_name attribute_group_name , lpa.id_attribute, liagl.url_name name_url_name, liagl.meta_title name_meta_title, lial.url_name value_url_name, lial.meta_title value_meta_title, m.name, psi.price_min, psi.price_max FROM ps_layered_product_attribute lpa INNER JOIN ps_attribute a ON a.id_attribute = lpa.id_attribute INNER JOIN ps_attribute_lang al ON al.id_attribute = a.id_attribute AND al.id_lang = 2 INNER JOIN ps_product as p ON p.id_product = lpa.id_product INNER JOIN ps_attribute_group ag ON ag.id_attribute_group = lpa.id_attribute_group INNER JOIN ps_attribute_group_lang agl ON agl.id_attribute_group = lpa.id_attribute_group AND agl.id_lang = 2 LEFT JOIN ps_layered_indexable_attribute_group_lang_value liagl ON (liagl.id_attribute_group = lpa.id_attribute_group AND liagl.id_lang = 2) LEFT JOIN ps_layered_indexable_attribute_lang_value lial ON (lial.id_attribute = lpa.id_attribute AND lial.id_lang = 2) INNER JOIN ps_product_shop product_shop ON (product_shop.id_product = p.id_product AND product_shop.id_shop = 1) LEFT JOIN `ps_manufacturer` m ON (m.id_manufacturer = p.id_manufacturer) INNER JOIN `ps_layered_price_index` psi ON (psi.id_product = p.id_product AND psi.id_currency = 1) WHERE a.id_attribute_group = 1 AND lpa.`id_shop` = 1 AND product_shop.active = 1 AND p.id_product IN ( SELECT id_product FROM ps_category_product cp INNER JOIN ps_category c ON (c.id_category = cp.id_category AND c.id_category = 46 AND c.active = 1)) GROUP BY lpa.id_attribute ORDER BY id_attribute_group, id_attribute in /var/www/clients/client4/web1/web/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered.php:2858 USING FILESORT - 16740 rows browsed so it is around 800-1100ms for this one query... others are OK and for example opening product page is around < 1 sec but category page is 2.5-6 sec I will very appreciate any help with this issue!
  8. Hi, Im really not sure why this dissapeared from 1.5.. even if I try use same code from presta 1.4 template <tr class="cart_free_shipping"> <td colspan="5" style="white-space: normal;">{l s='Remaining amount to be added to your cart in order to obtain free shipping:'}</td> <td> </td> <td id="free_shipping" class="price">{displayPrice price=$free_ship}</td> </tr> it is showing 0 till the amount a 1 when you reach the amount... so seems like it works only like true / false Please is here anybody who can help with this? I will very appreciate your help!
  9. Hi, Im really not sure how to setup my presta to work with blocklayered, nice URLs and canonical on... it is fresh installation For example if Im trying open filters in new window: URL rewrite on, canonical on: domain.com/3-music-ipods?selected_filters=disk_space-8gb URL rewrite on, canonical off: domain.com/3-music-ipods/disk_space-8gb is there any way to get nice URL with canonical on? Thanks for help!
  10. Really not sure what Im doing wrong.. Im trying add manufacturer's logo on product page if exist but the following code doesn't work for me. Is there anything what Im doing wrong? Your help is appreciated {$file='../../img/m/'} {$file=$file|cat:$product->id_manufacturer} {$file=$file|cat:'.jpg'} {if file_exists($file)} exist <img class="logo_pro" src="{$img_manu_dir}{$product->id_manufacturer|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}.jpg" alt="" /> {else}doesn't exist the variable $file giving me path ../../img/m/xx.jpg - this file exist but it giving me all time "doesnt exist" Thanks!
  11. Hi, thanks for this module, it's really great. But I found one bug.. I want set free shiping with free cash on delivery fee with orders on 1699 and more. the cashondeliveryfee is counting total amout like cart + shipping. but I need that module is counting only products from cart and no cost of shipping because I have more carriers with different prices and Im not able to set exact amout of free shipping. Hope you understand me and thanks for your help!
  12. Hi guys, I have automatic import in my prestashop which is adding one special value to ps_product table - it is sale in percent. The name of the column is simply "sale". And now when I have this value for each product I want add it to the productlist.tpl and make it visible in FO. I already tried something like $product.sale but seems like it doesn't work. Can somebody advise please?
  13. still same issue.. anybody found some workaround?
  14. Hi, very nice theme! Can you please let me know if the module Layered navigation block is compatible with this theme without any bugs? Thanks!
  15. Ahoj, stalo se Vám někomu? když kliknu na symbol Eura, tak se stranka jakoby načte znovu, ale stale je aktivni Kč, kurz je nastaven. Mohl by to byt problem na hostingu? je to verze po upgrade z 1.2.5 Díky za rady
  16. excelent, I found the way how to do it! thanks for sharing buddy!
  17. Hi, this should be good extension for me but I tried install in on presta 1.4 and it doesn't work(error: file is corrupted?).. any advice please? Thanks!
  18. kazdopadne rad bych si zachoval shop s www tak jak byl od zacatku budovan... jen by to presta jeste musela zvladat. Je to spatne no, mame nachystanou novou grafiku pro 1.4 verzi a toto je velmi neprijemne.
  19. díky a platí to tedy i pro zachování počtu odkazů? tzn když na mě nyní někdo odkazuje s www, google příjde a uvidí přesměrování na verzi bez, neřekne si odkaz už není aktuální, tak jakoby není platný? o to mi jde, abych neztratil pozice tím že ztratím zpětné odkazy? jinak reportoval jsem toto uz i jako bug http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFI-1639 ale vypada ze se do toho nikomu nechce
  20. Ahoj, diky za post, presne toto pouzivam nyni na shopu s, kde to funguje spravne. V nove preste ale jiz ne.. at to zapnu v admini nebo si to pridam do htaccess tak jsou se strankou problemy. myslim si ze to ma prave vliv na SEO ne? vsechny odkazy na stavajici shop jsou s www a nejsem si zas az tak jist, pokud prejdemne na 1.4 a budeme nuset pouzivat shop bez www, jestli za to nehrozi nejake penalizovani od vyhledavacu..?
  21. I cannot change quantity in cart when I set use www in SEO&URL;... :/
  22. How did you solve that? I still have this issue on presta 1.4.1 and google chrome... :/ a need to use www.domain.com
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