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  1. Hi. I have instaled simple lightweight slideshow but when i try to upload an image, this error appears: Does someone know how can i fix it? Or can you recommand another simple module for slider on homepage(free if possible)? And to bee full width please! Thank you and have a good day!
  2. Hi. I've tryed to upload a jpeg picture for slideshow on homepage, but i get this error. Does anybody know what's with this error? It s not from picture size becouse i upload another picture one week ago with the same size. Please help me to solve this error. Thank you!
  3. Hi. I did a little reserch and i found that the text that appears under website on google it's called snippets. I want to edit that text but i didn t find how? Can someoane help me please ? Thank you!
  4. Thank you very much, the link was usefull. Problem solved!
  5. Hi! I've tryed to translate some texts for my website. i know that the translation is done in Location>Translation. But i can t find the field where can i translate the sitemap page. I want to translate some title field but i can t find them. can someoane help me please Thank you!
  6. Hi. I've installed a text banner homepage and i want to make this Icons bigger: I know how to do it, it's not that hard ( all i need to do is to add this text :-> "icon-2x or icon-3x" , in code). The problem is that i can't find the specific file which contains the code for this module. I searched in the website files, i found a module called "text banners" but there is no relevant code to modify. Can someone please tell me where can i find the specific code for this module? so i can modify the size of the Icons? Thank you in advance!
  7. I did all the steps in this video, in the exact same order : . I chose Email template translations and Core (no theme selected)!I edited the text as i wanted and i Saved the changes. But when i try to send an test email, it s the old text in it . I try to edit the account e-mail as example.
  8. Hello. I tried to edit the texts from E-mail templates but it isn't working. I entered here: Back Office under Tools > Translations > Modify Translations > Email template translations. I also tried to edit them in the site files but when i send a test e-mail to see if any changes have been made. nothing is changed. My edit doesn't appear. What's really strange is that if i check in my back office, the templates are saved as i edited them, not as they appear in the test e-mail. What should i do?
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