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  1. Hi! I have a module for this 3 icon box on homepage, but i can put only icons from font awesome and i want to put my own icons. Does anybody know a module that can help my with this? or how can i put my own 3 icons? Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. Buna ziua! Pozele produselor pe care le facem au in jur de 5MB, lucru ce afecteaza incarcarea pagini. Am incercat sa comprezez imaginile cu mai multe programe, dar ori pierd din calitate ori nu prea ajuta (pozele raman la 4mb). Imi puteti recomanda o metoda/program ce reduce dimensiunea pozelor, dar nu le schima calitatea semnificativ! Multumesc si o zi buna!
  3. Hi! So i import products via .CSV, but i can only import text and i have to import every photo manually for every product. Is there a way to import photos using CSV?Thank you and have a nice day!
  4. Hi. I have searched for a module that can replace this 3 "boxes" but i was unable to find one.Can anyone help me with a module for this please? The one that i'm using is from theme and it has few options. Thank you!
  5. Nu am si wordpress instalat,din cate mi-am dat si eu seama, problema apare de la un modul, insa nu stiu care modul, cineva mi-a zis ca din cauza unui modul, cei de la host ca este de la alt modul...
  6. Nu este warning, Totul a inceput acum cateva luni cand dintr-o data de pe site-ul meu se facea redirect catre alte pagini, asta deoarece nu aveam tema si modulele la zi. Intre timp am cumparat tema originala,prima oara era pusa de cineva care avea tema si o utiliza la mai multe site-uri.Si de atunci tot am probleme de spam pe e-mail.O rezolv, apoi dupa o perioada apare. Punctul culminant a fost aseara cand am primit e-mail de la hosting ca prin intermediul site-ului meu se face phishing(pentru o banca parca) .Am sters fisierul respectiv, si inca cateva. Cineva mi-a zis ca este din cauza unul modul(modul pentru un slider) prin care atunci cand vrei sa schimbi poza, incarci alta poza. Si din cauza ca modulul permite upload, este vulnerabil si automat apar si virusi.
  7. Cei de la hosting au zis ca am nevoie de un expert prestashop si ca tot ce pot face ei este sa imi recomande o firma, am discutat cu un reprezentat din partea firmei , au zis ca o sa primesc un e-mail cu detalii, insa au trecut 2 luni si nimic. Am scanat toate fisierele,nu doar public html, cap coada insa nimic. Daca scanez cu sucuri imi apare ca sunt probleme la securitate,dar doar atat, fara detalii. Firma de host are si ea un antivirus in C-Panel, am scanat si cu el, dar nimic.
  8. Buna ziua. Am o problema legata de securizarea site-ului.Apare mereu un virus(posibili mai multi)+probleme pe adresa de e-mail. Am tema+modulele la zi, versiunea prestashop Desi reusesc sa elimin problema pe moment dupa o perioada apare din nou. Am scanat fisierele site-ului cu 2 antivirusuri +1 anti-malware si multe scanere online dar tot nu gasesc vulnerabilitatea.Ce as putea sa fac in aceasta situaite? Ma poate ajuta cineva va rog ?
  9. Hi.My website is always infected with viruses or malware code for redirect to other page. I don't know how to handle this, i delete infected files but always this come back. Can someone guide me what i have to do in order to secure my site? I have SSL certificate, theme is updated,prestashop version is 1..6.1.10 i have all modules up to date. I don t know what to do. I've scanned my website with different malware detectors but nothing. I downloaded website files,and scan them with an antivirus(COMODO) the same result 0 infected. Please help me! The website is : www.neladiabebe.ro. Thank you!
  10. My Prestashop version is . I tried to configure it, but i get that error.
  11. Hello. So i found this security patch from prestashop and i want to know if it's helpful or not. Also i got this when i try do configure it.It s something wrong with my host server? Should i contact them to help me with this? Or is an issue from me? Thank you!
  12. I see that the problem in not solved, some IP steel apears accesing my website . I block them manualy but others appears. What can i do ?
  13. I clean site files. Then i block all IP's in htacces. I don t know if is a permanent solution ,but i try to find a definitive way.
  14. Hello. So i have a module for checkout " one page checkout" and the text from 2 fields doesn't appears in the box, the text is to low to be seen, as you can see in the Screen shot. I fount that i need to edit an .css file. but i can t find where. Can someone help me please? Thank you!
  15. Hi. So in back office i see that on every minute 4 IP addresses appear like they visited my site. But is like a pattern ( i think is a Spam) in every minute they appear again. Can someone help my with this? How can i get rid of this? Also i tried to block them in .htacces but they still appears. This are the IP that make spam :
  16. Hello. I have recently opened a website using a responsive theme and i have installed "One Page Checkout PS" module, but there seems to be a problem when someone wants to order something. After they press the button : add the items to my cart this message appears: no product in your cart (empty cart). Anyone knows what the problem might be? Thanks a lot in advance. Also when i edit the mobile menu, modifications don t appears immediatly. In special the color of the menu. help me please!
  17. Hi. Is there a way to download my theme from the site files? Thank you and have a good day!
  18. Hello guys. I have been trying to edit the "My account" information (for customers) but i can't seem to succed. There is a link in my account called Return Merchandise Authorization which is not translated. I tried looking in the back office at translations but i couldn't find the place where i can translate the page. I either want to edit the page so i can change the writing or if not possible, i want to delete that page. help anyone?
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