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  1. While of course a solution to this problem exists, I cannot help but wonder why you would not want to know the name and surname of your customers (if anything, if you're not interested in that information, you could delete the fields altogether). The sole thing I came up with is that you are looking to offer something similar to a guest checkout, which is already a feature in the default PrestaShop installation.


    Are you sure what you're asking is actually the behaviour you are looking for?

  2. Could you go back, upload the backup files, and import the database? Then try to go to your admin page, and change the domain name (base url) and all other settings to match your configuration. If you cannot, maybe FTP in (see the link below) and change some of the settings. It could be that you'd have to change some database settings, but I am not too sure about this.


    Adding an install folder manually to an already configured PrestaShop installation is not the way to go. You might want to read up on https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/169435-move-prestashop-to-new-domain/, or similar.

  3. As you say, you have installed the back-up onto the new domain, and then imported the database into that installation. So far so good, but weren't you done at that point? Why go into a fresh installation?


    What you are doing right now is installing vanilla PrestaShop, which is rightfully claiming there already exist tables with prefix ps_ (your imported data, I assume).

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