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  1. Where does the price value get created for Google Merchant? At that location in the code, you could round that value and that should work!


    That might even be a one-liner, as rounding is simply round($value, 2) in PHP. That is, assuming you want the default rounding behaviour. You can find out more about these here http://php.net/manual/en/function.round.php

  2. I was just looking around to see if this had been solved, and when trying to add a product to the cart, I got this error message:

    Impossible to add the product to the cart.
    textStatus: 'parsererror'
    errorThrown: 'SyntaxError: Unexpected token  in JSON at position 0'
    {"products":[{"id":3038,"link":"https:\/\/www.pandorrah.nl\/comics\/actie-figuren\/3038-guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket-raccoon-met-blaster.html","quantity":1,"image":"https:\/\/www.pandorrah.nl\/comics\/3006-home_default\/guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket-raccoon-met-blaster.jpg","image_cart":"https:\/\/www.pandorrah.nl\/comics\/3006-cart_default\/guardians-of-the-galaxy-rocket-raccoon-met-blaster.jpg","priceByLine":"\u20ac 20,00","name":"Guardians Of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Met Blaster","price":"\u20ac 20,00","price_float":16.53,"idCombination":0,"idAddressDelivery":0,"is_gift":false,"hasAttributes":false,"hasCustomizedDatas":false,"customizedDatas":[]}],"discounts":[],"shippingCost":"\u20ac 4,95","shippingCostFloat":4.95,"taxCost":"\u20ac 4,33","wrappingCost":"\u20ac 0,00","nbTotalProducts":1,"total":"\u20ac 24,95","productTotal":"\u20ac 20,00","freeShipping":"\u20ac 15,00","freeShippingFloat":15,"hasError":false,"crossSelling":""}

    Are you aware of this? :)

  3. "Home" is the root category for all categories. So, if you set "Home" from the categories, you'll get all subcategories there also.


    If you set "Home" from the CMS, you'll get the CMS pages as children too.


    Now, the best course of action would be to create a custom link, like so (configure "Top horizontal menu" module):



    Then save the custom link and drag it into place.

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  4. Vekia, "wtblog" as a module is (as far as I can tell) part of a theme designed by WaterThemes (or rather, that's what a quick google search got me - please correct me if I am wrong?); see e.g. http://demo.waterthemes.com/ahief/index.php?fc=module&module=wtblog&controller=tag&id_wt_blog_tag=11&id_lang=1#. So depending on where OP got it, there's a good chance it was installed along with his theme - making the theme developer responsible for this problem.

  5. The orange background? That's quite simple!


    If you want to change that label (it's the default warning label used throughout PrestaShop) for all it's instances, go into /<your theme>/css/global.css and find .label-warning, it should look like this in the default theme:

    .label-warning {
      background-color: #fe9126;
      border: 1px solid #e4752b; }
      .label-warning[href]:hover, .label-warning[href]:focus {
        background-color: #f07701; }

    Simply change the background-color and border properties to colours you like better.


    If, however, you specifically want to target this message, go into /<your theme>/product.tpl, and find the <span> with id availability_value. In the default theme, it looks like this:

    <span id="availability_value" class="label{if $product->quantity <= 0 && !$allow_oosp} label-danger{elseif $product->quantity <= 0} label-warning{else} label-success{/if}">{if $product->quantity <= 0}{if $PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT && $allow_oosp}{$product->available_later}{else}{l s='This product is no longer in stock'}{/if}{elseif $PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT}{$product->available_now}{/if}</span>

    Then, add the following inline CSS: style="background-color: <some color>; border: 1px solid <some color>;", like so:

    <span id="availability_value" style="background-color: #090; border: 1px solid #ccc;" class="label{if $product->quantity <= 0 && !$allow_oosp} label-danger{elseif $product->quantity <= 0} label-warning{else} label-success{/if}">{if $product->quantity <= 0}{if $PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT && $allow_oosp}{$product->available_later}{else}{l s='This product is no longer in stock'}{/if}{elseif $PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT}{$product->available_now}{/if}</span>

    Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

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